Different Tattoos designs and their symbolism


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Tattoos are the most amazing thing any girl can get as a gift. There are a lot of different kinds of tattoos in the market and it could be difficult to choose the best among the lot. There are major designs and minor designs with lots of symbolism. Symbolism is all about what the design represents and how it means something that cannot be clearly viewed by the naked eyes. Getting a symbolized tattoo is the best kinds that will floor the friends of yours for your thoughtfulness and your vivid thinking towards something so small. If you are confused on what tattoos you should get and their symbolism, don’t worry at all. We are here to give you some tips on different tattoo designs and their symbolism.

Tattoo Designs and What They Mean

1Anchor tattoo design

Anchor tattoo design

Getting a tattoo done is not an easy process at all, because you have to decide what design you want you to have. One of the best designs in the recent times is the anchor tattoos that have a lot inner meaning than you can think of. What is an anchor in general? It is something that can relied on which is stable and safe, it doesn’t keep changing its grip and holds on to something tightly.

So, if you are looking for an inner meaning for anchor tattoo, it will symbolize the fact that you are steady, trustworthy, faithful and most of all, you will represent strength and loyalty. Nowadays, you can get your tattoos done anywhere in the body. But anchor tattoo can be worn mainly on your upper arm or chest. You can also design the tattoo on your wrist. Haven’t we seen ‘Popeye the sailor man’, sporting a huge anchor tattoo on his bicep?

There are different types of anchor tattoos like a Navy anchor tattoo, rope anchor tattoo, eagle anchor tattoo, rose anchor tattoo, heart anchor tattoo, tribal anchor tattoo and a lot more in the cue. If you are a person who loves tattoos and consider yourself to be a trustworthy human, then get one of the designs and rock the tattoo!

2Sun Tattoo designs

Sun Tattoo designs

Sun is the supreme power of fire, positivity and brightness. Sun plays an iconic role in the tattoo business because a lot of people believe that the sun is the ultimate power of authority. Also, it is proven that the sun plays an important role in every culture and religion. There is both positive and negative symbolism to the sun design. Ancient belief of sun goes deeper than what we think. Some cultures used the sun as a symbol of fertility and vitality and some cultures also have a negative thought towards it. It gives light and it also destroys! The love towards the sun is very deep in people’s mind though.

There are a million types of sun tattoos ranging from fantasy, reality, cartoon, action to making geometrically shaped ones. You should also know that the sun tattoos are designed in different colors, variations, styles and sizes. You can wear the tattoo designs on the shoulder, wrist, ankle, hip and neck. The most prominent ones are on the shoulder or near the neck. You can also get sun-moon tattoo designs that are very prominent amongst youngsters nowadays. Sun is a very powerful source of energy, so getting a sun tattoo could be the coolest and the most intellectual thing you can do this holiday season!

3Leo tattoo design

Leo tattoo design

Leo tattoo design, in other words – The king of the jungle’s design is one of the most high-flying kinds in the tattoo industry. It symbolizes strength, power and more importantly the fiery design will give you all the reasons to get it done. If you want to relate yourself to being a courageous and authoritative person, then these are the easy symbolisms to the tattoo. If you are Leo by zodiac sign, then you are one of the most flamboyant people who have an aura of magnificence around you. These are also the characteristics of Lion. Sun is the ruler of this zodiac sign, so according to art forms, the color that it represents is basically a mix of gold, yellow, orange and red.

There are various kinds of designs for tattoo like a fierce Leo design, Leo tribal design, zodiac Leo symbol design, lion with two faces design, Leo word tattoo design, Sun Leo tattoo design, crowned lion tattoo design, lion butterfly design and many more. Getting a tattoo done according to the zodiac sign is very cliche, but in the case of Leo tattoo design, it is not just magnificent but also powerful. So, go ahead and get one done!

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4Flash tattoo design

Flash tattoo design

Flash tattoos are very common and popular among people nowadays for its quick and metallic feel. Though they don’t look anything like a perfect original tattoo, they have a great appearance and feel when you get it done on your body. They are flashy, and mostly used as a touch up tattoos for those who want to hide the already done original ones. They basically have generic designs that are used for rapid tattooing. Are you hitting the pool party or getting a tan on the beach? Then, flash tattoos are the most fashionable ones you should get done.

They are jewelry inspired metallic designs that are an illusion of having jewelry on the hand or wrist, arm, bicep etc. They are a duplication of jewelries, hence, intricate detailing is possible if you need it to be. Otherwise, basic jewelry designs are the trendy part of flash tattoos. These tattoos are extremely innovative, whimsical and gorgeous on their looks.

The downside however is that, these tattoos don’t last very long. They are short lived kinds that could vanish even if you take bath for long hours. They are a very casual kind and you may love it if you are not very particular about getting actual tattoos done. It is good to not shy away from this trending fashion, but play it safe and be a clever customer when it comes to safety while getting this tattoo done!

5Watch tattoo design

Watch tattoo design

All of us know the importance of time in our lives. Time and tide, waits for none, right? Tattoos represent a person’s feeling and attitude towards life and try to enrich our memories through their designs. A popular, amazing and the most alluring tattoo designs are the watch tattoos. They are worn both by men and women and have a great symbolic representation that is the memory and life of a person.

A watch tattoo symbolizes and relates to a person’s point of time in his/her life – it could be anything like birth, anniversary, love, death etc. They majorly symbolize the part of your life and the time of life, death, happiness, sorrow and many such emotions. The design will keep insisting that you live every single minute of your life and how time is something that doesn’t wait for you. If you value time and you think that time has a very special bond with the way you live, then you should definitely go for a watch tattoo design.

Apart from just this, it is also a fashion accessory that enhances your appearance. So, even in terms of fashion, a watch design puts forward a perfect style statement. Get the tattoo done on the bicep, hip, shoulder or even your wrist to make the perfect style statement. Don’t forget that watch tattoos are both aesthetically and symbolically beautiful!

6Owl tattoos

Owl tattoos

The next one is the owl tattoos. Owl tattoos have become the most famous design as it is used as inspiration for creating tattoo designs for spiritual needs. Owl tattoo involves a lot of imagination and fascination since it is the only perpetual source of magic feeling and impresses people easily. There is a lot of symbolic representation for owl tattoos like other tattoos too. We of course know that the bird Owl is a very mysterious creature which has a nocturnal nature and unusual behavior. It is also one of those birds that like to hide under the dark and see no sunlight unless forced to do so.

The owl has a very intriguing physical appearance with a large big eyes, sharp features and a great sense of hunting its prey. There are many cultures that believe that owl plays a major role especially Hindu, Celtic and Egyptian cultures.

Owl symbolizes the carrier of Goddess Lakshmi, who brings both wealth and riches. It is also symbolized to the goddess of Greek which means that it brings education and learning. The bird is a symbol of hope, greatness and sharp thinking. So, if you are a person who relate to the above kinds of qualities, then you should definitely try and decide to design this for yourself. You can design an owl tattoo anywhere in your body like neck, forearm, the owl eye design on your hip, chest and even on your legs.

The above few tattoo designs will give a great meaning towards getting yourself a tattoo done at the earliest. There is a lot of symbolism under each tattoo, so don’t underestimate any of the tattoo designs until you read upon it.

-Pavithra Ravi