9 Things you should know before getting a tattoo done


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before getting a tattoo

Tattoos are a tricky pick, but first, we would like to congratulate you if you have taken the decision to go ahead and get one done! Getting your first tattoo is a clear and a bold decision, but you have to keep a lot of things in mind before you consider this option. Tattoo virgins can be held up considering the one thing – The design, but there are a lot other things you need to keep in mind like the artist, design (of course), the right time and many such things. Well, we want your tattoo experience to be smooth and hassle-free. Adhering to some of the top priorities could make your first experience memorable for both you and your tattooist.

Here’s a list of tips you need to keep in mind while getting a tattoo done.

Top Guidelines For First Tattoo



Remember something! You are going to get inked forever, which means you need to get your basics right. Don’t rush into the idea already, take it slow and make sure you do your research properly. Try not to get inked on your neck or face because you don’t know how it would turn out to be. Let your first ink experience be smooth. Always go with inner hands or probably leg. It is safer and if you don’t like it or if it doesn’t come out well, you have the option of hiding it easily. Make sure research about the right kind of place. Pick the best artist to get your tattoo done and make sure you have your initial chat with him. Let him know your idea and ask for his suggestions.

2Prepare mentally and physically

Prepare mentally

Did you know that at least 50% of the girls faint the minute the tattoo tools touch their body? Ah! Yes, that’s because they are not mentally or physically prepared. Don’t be one of them. Try to eat a full meal and drink a lot of orange juice before you hit the place. Many artists recommend that you drink a lot of fluid which will keep you strong while getting inked. Also, for obvious reasons and since getting tattooed is an intimate experience, never forget to shower!

3Be clear and get a reference

Be clear and get a reference

If you are clear, your work is easier and makes it simple for the artist also. Getting a photo reference would help the artist envision your idea. If you are depending only on his ideas and doing there without a basic thought, ummm, wouldn’t work like that! If you still Don’t have an idea? Get idea!

4Bring a friend… Just one!

Bring a friend

Bringing too many people to hold your hand or cry with you, is absolutely unnecessary. You are allowed to bring one person along and that’s it. More than one could get too crowded and irritate the artist. Too many opinions, judgements, talks and conversations can only make it worse for you by confusing and disturbing the artist. Please leave your children at home, they are just not allowed inside the shop!

5Trust your artist

Trust your artist

If you have picked the perfect artist, you don’t have to bother too much about the intricate design and details. Just be clear with him and the rest will fall in place. You don’t have to be the backseat driver, giving instructions to your artist. Trust him and your gut, and you will get it done beautifully. There are chances he might spoil it if you keep questioning his talent, so be careful not to offend him.

6Check for spellings, design and placement

Check for spellings

Don’t worry too much that you are going to hurt anybody. It of course is your right to place things in the right track if they aren’t going fine. Always check for spellings and body placement before you start off. You cannot go back in time and change if you don’t see it in the beginning. There is no point blaming the artist later!

7Tattoos hurt

Tattoos hurt

Like we suggested, you need to be prepared both mentally and physically. The level of pain is not going to decrease if you are going to put a brave front nor is it going to pain too much if you are dead scared, but face the fact that it will hurt. You can very much ask your artist for a break. If you need one, don’t hesitate to ask. The most painful areas are ribs, feet, spine, neck. Our previous article on 10 great areas in the body to get a tattoo for a womanwill give you an idea on the pain threshold level in each area.

8Stay still

Stay still

This might be a huge difficulty, but only if you stay still, your artist can create the designed you asked for. Jittery body movement might disturb his concentration and hand movement.

9Tip your artist

Tip your artist

Yes, the guy has just done the biggest favor in the most amazing manner, so tipping him a little extra wouldn’t hurt at all. Did you know that most of these artists don’t own their own shop. They would have to pay up a percentage of every tattoo they work on. So, if you really like his work on you, don’t hesitate to pay a tip of 10-20% extra. After all, the guy’s done a huge help!

Tattoos could make or break your look, so choose wisely and make sure you do the best from your side. Getting something inked on your body is not an easy joke at all. Be wise, communicate and enjoy the experience. Flaunt and enjoy the lovely comments that will follow!

-Pavithra Ravi

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