Signs that say that you are in a spiritual relationship

spiritual relationship

Have you thought on these lines – Can I have a spiritual relationship? Well, you both have been dating for a while now, going around places, on dinner dates, have fun at the movies and late night parties. Both your interests are common and you share the same likes and dislikes. You don’t feel like going away even for a day or two and love being around each other. With all this, have you thought it you are in a spiritual relationship that combines both body and mind? Well, do think you can make it to the end of the tunnel? Can you keep feeling like this forever for each other or will you flip and lose it in between? Would you go around talking and feeling loved like this or would you be bored easily in the near future? If yours is a defined spiritual relationship, then you are going to see signs of it. Nothing happens without signs! So, here we are today to tell you the signs of spiritual relationship and relationship between each other which will determine the depth of your relationship.

Signs of Spiritual Relationship

1Compassion, but not always


Compassion or passion in a relationship is extremely important. It is the key in keeping your relationship alive and kicking. You should have a passion, yet you should also give each other your independence. Being independent is very important too, and if you can strike a balance between the two of this, then you are on the right lines of spiritual relationship. It will grow stronger and last longer than you expected, which is a very good sign.

2Devoting time

Devoting time

If you are able to spend undivided attention to each other all the time when you are together, then that’s the key! Generally, when couples talk, they are so immersed in other thoughts about the person that, they may not be able to concentrate fully. But if you are meant to be, you will be able to spend time thinking and talking about each other without having a side thought in mind or without interrupting or judging the speaker.

[Also know – Spending enough time with each other]

3Personal growth

Personal growth

If you feel that you are able to establish personal growth in your relationship, then it definitely is a long loving strong relationship. Personal growth is something that is very important, whether you are a woman or a man. Both of you need to be professional, personally and mentally growing continuously in your relationship. You cannot hinder the growth of your lover just because you feel a certain way. If you don’t feel like you are progressing at all, then probably that isn’t the relationship you should be continuing.

4Comfortable in your own skin


Can you do anything and everything when he is around you? Can you look at another guy and just say he looks cute or hot? Can you wear skimpy clothes and roam around at your house when he is sitting around? Can you order anything you want and binge over watching your favorite show? Can you speak to your best friend and help her solve issues while he is waiting for you to get ready? Can you cancel on him? Well, ya! If you can do all of the above with him, then marry him because being comfortable in your own skin is important for a long term relationship. You cannot be someone else for the heck of it and regret about it in the future.

5Physical attraction

Physical attraction

Having sex or making love always doesn’t define your relationship. If you feel like talking to your guy and you do so without regretting the fact that you are not in the bed together, then you can definitely trust the guy. If you are in the same bed, but aren’t attempting to kiss him or if you don’t feel physical attraction, then you can be sure that yours is a spiritual relationship. You are basically not insecure and you don’t feel the need to have sex every time because you believe in yourselves more than the sex.

6Treating each other like equals

Treating each other

There are definite roles that are defined to played by men and women. But, every relationship will not abide by that. You can break the stereotype and become amazingly different. When your relationship starts, you might want to do everything to help each other. In that course, you might have figured out a definite role that he wants to play. May be he is good at handling finances and you are great with the house work. Later, when the impressing stage ends, you realize that you are doing it all wrong, you can definitely switch the roles. You can manage finances and he can do the housework. If you can treat each other like equals, then there is no issue at all in the relationship. Both of you can be happy!

7Needn’t prove anything

Needn’t prove anything

You chose each other to be experiencing the bond and love that you both have towards each other and not to show it to the world. You need not worry what others think about the roles you play, the way you talk, the places you go and the relationship you have. You don’t have to post pictures in the social media, you don’t have to bother about who thinks you look good or not. You need to simply promise each other the love and compatibility, not to the world.

8Discussing the future together

Discussing the future

It doesn’t matter if you are discussing your career paths or your relationship, as long as you both can do it together, it’s good and happening. You can trust yourself and go ahead if you can plan all your decisions together!

Trust the guy if he promises and takes care of you in the above ways. So, these are the signs you must look out for a lovely spiritual relationship! So have fun!

-Pavithra Ravi

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