Ways to avoid bad breath


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Ways to avoid bad breath

You have a date and you need to kiss the guy after you eat ? If you have a bad breath, it is a huge disadvantage. Most of the times, you tend to breath toxic  smelling breath over your other person, and this could be a huge embarrassment for you. Do not worry! There are a few steps you can follow to avoid bad breath. Here are some easy ways you can follow to improve your breath.

Top Ways To Avoid Bad Breath

Brush your basics

Brush your basics

It starts with basics always! Most of the times what happens is, we tend to be in such hurried mornings that we do not bother brushing our teeth properly. If this happens every morning, then you have got your answer why you are probably stinking. When you are aware that you have a bad breath, try to brush twice a day. Once before you go out and another time after having your supper.

Not many know that, bad breath happens when you don’t brush where the teeth and gum meet. Use a soft bristled brush for your teeth and consider replacing it every 3-4 months. Brushing doesn’t mean only teeth. Tongue brushing is also very important. Flossing is one way to avoid bad breath. Though you may have to take extra time out for flossing, you should remember that flossing removes any bacteria content from between your teeth.

Food habits

Food habits

This could be one major issue with many girls. Yes, bad breath happens when you over eat certain kinds of food. Is garlic your favorite food? Umm.. It’s time to forgo of such products now. Garlic, raw onions can be a major cause for bad breath. Did you know that eating an apply on a regular basis improves your breath? If not, start eating an apple from today! Sugary substances or juices are another reason why your mouth is stinking. The sugar content produces an enzyme called ketones that sits in your stomach and ferments. That in turn comes out of your esophagus, causing smelling from your mouth.

That is why you should eat more fresh vegetables like broccoli, carrots, sweet potatoes and maintain a healthy diet. Avoiding coffee can be very helpful in avoiding bad breath. Drink green tea instead of coffee.

Drink more water than acidic content

Drink more water

Remember that drinking 48 ounces of water will be of great use when it comes to preventing bad breath. Well, most of the times, you drink acidic sodas or sugary juices which are again a huge No No. Water lubricates your mouth and keeps your mouth and tongue fresh. Bottled sodas have citric acids, which are again contents that will produce bad smelling enzymes. Not just this, bottled sodas remove the enamel on your teeth and ware off the coating. Instead, substitute your sodas to good old water and stay healthy.

Chew on gum or mint leaves

Chew on gum

Stashing one of the herb leaves into your sandwiches will dash out the raw onion smell. Mint leaves or parsley will help you keep a fresh breath always. You can add even green cardamom to this list. Easiest route to smelling fresh? Try chewing gum whenever possible. This will clean away all the bad smell or take in some fresh lime juice or an orange flavored toffee to avoid bad smell.

Rinse with alcohol free mouth freshener


You can create your own mouthwash at home. 1 tablespoon of baking soda, 2-3 spoons of peppermint and warm water can make a great mouthwash. Remember that alcohol recreates bacteria in your mouth. Keeping your mouth moist is the best way to avoid bad breath and if you drink alcohol, your mouth is bound to become dry faster. So, use a mouthwash which is alcohol free or make one at home. Baking soda is anti bacterial and since there is no content of alcohol, you will have a minty fresh mouth all day long.

Say good-bye to Smoking

bye to Smoking

When you smoke more, your saliva is not healthy and it washes out all the good saliva into your digestive system. This will leave you with more nicotine levels. Your mouth’s normal performance system is disturbed here, which leads to irregular and bad smell. To avoid this, quit smoking or don’t start at all!

Apply scented or flavored lip gloss

Apply scented lip gloss

Not that this will turn your garlic smelling breath into mint smelling one, but this will at least act as a mask until you get to brush and floss the next time. Thinking what to do when you are on a date? Excuse yourself to the restroom, dab some scented lip gloss and a minty mouthwash. This should help for a temporary purpose.

Visit your dentist

Visit dentist

Visiting your dentist could be one easy and possible options when you have tried all the above ways and still not able to get rid of the bad breath. Your dentist will have a clear idea of your condition.

AW- Pavithra Ravi