Cloves For Health As Home Remedy


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Cloves For Health

Cloves have many number of health benefits, which includes providing aid in the digestion, or having antimicrobial properties, like protecting the liver, fighting against cancer, boosting the immune system, preserving bone quality, controlling diabetes, as well as contains anti-mutagenic properties, and fighting against the oral diseases and headaches.

Cloves are known to be the spices indigenous to the Asian countries like India, Indonesia, Pakistan, and even in some areas of East Africa. Cloves are a popular ingredient in flavouring the agents used in a variety of ways around the world, particularly in Asia. Cloves also form a culinary base in every different Asian cuisines.

Clove, just like number of other spices have originated in Asia, and it has a great history behind it. During the 13th and the 14th century, cloves were being transported all the way from Indonesia to China, Persia, India, Africa, as well as Europe. So here, are few benefits of cloves for health, that you must know about.

Cloves For Health

1Treats And Removes Acne

Treats And Removes Acne

Clove oil has been found as a very potent ingredient that is helpful to remove acne from the face. It must be applied topically to the affected area. Its also can be blended with the face packs or even massage creams for the external application on your skin. It may give a tingling sensation when being applied to the skin. The reason behind its tingling sensation is the oils potent nature. The possibility of the acne to be spreading over the unaffected areas can also be eliminated by killing the bacteria with the help of antimicrobial properties of its oil.

Certain skin conditions, like whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, scarring and the scaly skin are the signs that can characterize the skin ailment known as acne. Patches as well as blemishes can also be formed because of acne. Acne can also happen during the adolescent stage due the hormonal imbalance.

The clove oil which is obtained from the clove flower has a great purifying property. It can help to eliminate the inflammation that is caused because of the pimples. It can also help to get rid of all the bacteria that has increased the chances of skin breakouts.

Due to the anesthetic properties in clove, it can act as a numbing agent. To use clove oil for the treatment of acne, it must be in the form of a carrier oil in the ratio of 1:10, where one part of the clove oil and ten parts of the carrier oil. The reason for diluting is that the clove oil can irritate the skin when being used in a pure form.

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2Antibacterial Properties

Antibacterial Properties

Cloves have also been tested for the antibacterial properties against all the number of human pathogens. The extracts of cloves have enough potent to kill the pathogens. Clove extracts are also an effective treatment against the specific bacteria that can spread cholera.

3Liver Protection

Liver Protection

Cloves have very high amount of antioxidants, which is an ideal way to protect the organ from the effect of free radicals, especially the liver. In the long run metabolism, can increase the free radical production and the lipid profile, while decreasing the antioxidants in your liver. Clove extracts are a helpful product in counteracting the effects with the hepatoprotective properties.

4Anti-Mutagenic Properties

Anti-Mutagenic Properties

Mutagens are a type of chemicals that can change the genetic makeup of a DNA by causing its mutations. Biochemical compounds that are found in the cloves, are phenylpropanoids, possess anti-mutagenic properties. They are administered on the cells and being treated with the mutagens and they are also able to control the mutagenic effects to a significant rate.

5Hair Color Refresher

Hair Color Refresher

You can use clove tea as a great hair color refresher. Try to apply the clove tea after coloring of the hair and later shampoo. Always be sure to that the clove tea is cold enough before the application on your hair. Your hair can appear full of life as well as fresh with just one rinse of the clove tea. The clove scent can also work as a perk for your refreshed hair. It can make the hair feel more rejuvenated.

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6Cure For Oral Diseases

Cure For Oral Diseases

Cloves can heal some gum diseases like the gingivitis or even periodontitis. Clove bud extracts can significantly control the growth of some oral pathogens, which are being responsible for various types of oral diseases. Cloves are also beneficial for toothaches because of its pain-killing properties. You can just chew or push a clove bud in between the teethes to kill the pain.

7Hair Conditioner

Hair Conditioner

If any one is having hair problems, then the mixture of cloves with the olive oil can be used as a live-in conditioner. It can assist in boosting up the fragrance and also help the color for conditioning the hair. To prepare, you can mix two tablespoon of ground cloves with half cup of olive oil. Warm this mixture in a pan and let it heat for some time. Remember to not boil the mixture. Then remove the mixture from the heat and let it cool off for a minimum of three hours.

Now strain the mixture in a bottle or in a small jar. Before you go to a shower, warm some of the clove-olive oil mixture by rubbing them in between your hands. Then gently rub the mixture on your scalp and apply equally in every part of the scalp by running the comb through the hair end. Then let the mixture set in for 20 minutes after wrapping a shower cap. Rinse off the oil in the shower.

8Morning Sickness

Morning Sickness

It is an amazing remedy to treat the morning sickness. Take at least around ten grains of the cloves, mix them with some amount of tamarind as well as palm sugar and make a nice mixture using some water. Drink the solution twice in a day as an effective treatment.

Tips To Use Cloves

The flavor of the clove is very strong. Remember to consider carefully the proper amount of cloves that is used in the dish. To give the dish Indian touch, add the clove buds with some curry powder to garlic, sautéed onions as well as tofu. Cloves are also appropriate for the seasoning of the broths, soups and other baked goods. Ground cloves can also be sprinkled over the fruit that compotes to give them a tasty punch.

How To Store

It is best to store cloves in an airtight glass or a plastic container, whether it is whole or in a powder form. The whole buds must be kept in cool, dark as well as dry place. They must be hand milled, whenever it is required. In case of powder cloves, they must be placed inside the refrigerator. The powdered clove must be utilized as soon as possible as because the flavor in the powdered form is lost quickly.

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