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hide from your fiance

Everyone has secrets and we all like to keep to ourselves, right? Nobody wants to give it all at once to our respective man of our life. If you are engaged and you are waiting for the big day, you have a lot of time to spend with your fiance. During this time, you can exchange a lot of things as you like, but there are certain things that can be excluded from this.Yes, you can infact, not bother to mention these things to your fiance. We understand that every relationship is important and you shouldn’t start it with a lie. But these are some basic things that you can actually hide from your fiance.

These secrets are pretty harmless and you need not be too worried about them. So, yes! We are giving you the permission to actually not care about these small things. Here are some things you can hide from your fiance.

Top Things You Needn’t Tell you Fiance

1Social media passwords

Social media passwords

Yes girls, it is totally okay to not give out your Facebook or your Gmail passwords. You own them and you don’t have to give it to them at any cost. If he asks you, you can always tell him that it is your personal identity and you are not indebted to give him anything. That is totally cool to do. If he forces you to give them, then you probably have to think about his insecurity or his trust issues on you.

2Ex needs to be in the past

Ex needs to be in the past

Your ex needs to stay in the past and let him stay there. See, you don’t really have to necessarily tell him about your past nor do you have to know anything about his past. You have all the time in your life to move on, so just move on. Don’t pull yourself behind. If he asks you, you don’t have to give him a detailed explanation about your past.

3Sexual details

Sexual details

If your fiance is a chilled out person and looks like a cool person, you could share. But any man would get irritated if you share too much detail about your sexual life with them. So, tone that down. You don’t have to tell him your sexual encounters at all. Try to judge the person and then share whatever you want to share.

4Details on his family

Details on his family

Remember that you aren’t even married yet. You don’t have to actually tell him whom you like and whom you don’t like in the family as yet. Husbands understand better and that happens only after marriage. But before marriage, the guy would be very protective about his family and mainly his mother. He doesn’t have to know your opinions about his parents or his family. He will start getting irritated if you tell him even before marriage about his family. Your opinions really don’t matter to him as much.

5Telling him everything

Telling him everything

Don’t tell him that you find one of his friends hot, don’t tell him that you like to flirt sometimes, don’t tell him that your friend finds him cute, don’t say so many things that doesn’t even matter to the situation. You don’t have to even mention any of this, because your relationship with him only gets spoilt if you tell him unnecessary details.

6About his ex

About his ex

If you happen to know about his ex from him or by any means, it is the human tendency to stalk for the person on Facebook or his phone. You don’t really have to go and tell him that you know who his ex was. That will only make him think of you as a cheap sack. So, don’t do that at all. If you get to know or if you stalk her, keep it to yourself. If he shows the picture or opens up about the ex, then its fine to ask him questions.

7The besties

The besties

Everyone has besties and besties are the next best thing that can happen to anyone. But the secrets of your besties stay as your secrets. It is something between you both and you don’t have to tell your fiance about that at all. The next time your fiance sees your bestie, it will never be the same way. So, save the embarrassment and don’t tell him your bestie’s secrets.

8Your childhood bad experience

Your childhood bad experience

This is not a big deal, but it also depends on the intensity of the experience you had in your childhood. If you had a very bad one and you badly want to tell your fiance, go ahead with it. But if it was something that grosses you out, then there is no need to tell him about all that. When you don’t want to think about it, why tell it to your fiance.

You never know how men react and how they take things personally. Some things that really don’t matter will be taken very seriously and some things that are very serious will not even be given a second ear. So, it is totally up to the way you put it and the way your guy is. If you ask me, these are some harmless things that can be given a skip.

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-Pavithra Ravi

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