Become A Fashion Blogger; In These Simple Tricks

Become A Fashion Blogger

Are you very much interested in fashion and want to write about it? This strong urge of writing is something you have to follow through. It is a very tricky part in figuring out how to write something that, you are so much interested about. You may find many topics related with fashion, and one topic more interesting than another.

So, here are some tips, that you can read on how to become a fashion blogger, and how to make it famous.

Steps To Become A Fashion Blogger

1Determining the personal brand

Determining the personal brand

One of the most important steps in becoming a fashion blogger is to determine your very own personal brands. There are so many bloggers, who start writing without any of their personal brands and expect to get personal success. If you don’t determine a personal brand, then it becomes difficult for the readers to associate with you, which makes your desire to become a blogger professionally difficult.

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2Think of a name

Think of a name

Another important part of fashion blogging is, to choose an appropriate name for your fashion blog. No matter whatever you choose, it can be associated with your own name or else even an alias, having something to be called is important.

Remember to be wise while choosing your name though, because your name must always compliment your brand, and must not create a lot of confusion among the readers.

3Find a platform

Find a platform

As a blogger or a fashion blogger there are many platforms to choose from, that is, depending on the style you are going for. For example; Tumblr, is particularly very popular among the fashion bloggers, with its very easy-to-use as well as funky functions.

If you are a fresher in the field of blogging, then you can try something simple, to start off with, and then gradually learn to manage other as well as more complicated platforms. You can try out Blogger; a quiet popular choice among many, but you can try something funky, because fashion is always fun, and your layout must show your inner fun. But also fashion has many forms, and depending on the style you are opting for, Blogger can be an option.

If you want to become a successful fashion blogger, then my suggestion is to start with WordPress, because it has many advanced option, and it is also for more advanced bloggers. It has many functionality options, with various kinds of plugins to optimize your blog. Regardless of it’s complications, it is the best website to start a successful fashion blogging.

4Get a logo

Get a logo

If you want to become a fashion blogger, then it is best thing to design your own logo. This can be anything, like in the form of your name or even an image logo.

You need to be very consistent while choosing your logo. This can go on to every social post, and can be placed on your blog page too. So, be sure that it not only matches your name but also carries your brand.

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5Design your page

Design your page

This is the most fun part that comes in. If you are using an WordPress, then you might want to get someone, who known about HTML, in order to choose a theme. But, if you choose a Blogger or a Tumblr, they are much more easier.

These platforms provides you an array of a lot of free templates, that you can choose from to become “how to make money from fashion blogging” from “how to become a fashion blogger”. this is also another incentive to become a fashion blogger.

6Learn a few things about keywords

Learn a few things about keywords

It is quiet very easy to start blogging about anything you desires, but if you don’t have anything specific keyword for your writing, then you might not get noticed by Google or anyone on Google for the matter of fact.

Knowing the basics of SEO, can also help you get noticed and make you a successful fashion blogger.

7Write to become a fashion blogger!

Write to become a fashion blogger

Without content, in the blog your ideas are not going anywhere. So, the next step is to start putting your idea on the paper. Ensure that you check your grammar properly and also review your work before you publish online.

As a writer, bad grammar and spelling, can easily take the reputation off from the knocks. Also remember to add some description to the images as well, because such keywords can be seen on the Google.

8Create social media pages

Create social media pages

In today’s world of dominating social media, remember that having a blog is not enough. Without sharing in the social media it is useless in the world. So, try to create multiple social media pages, such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook, as well as Pinterest. These platforms can help you in sharing your articles.

No matter whatever you write, you must have a Google+ ID in order to gain reputation online. You must ensure that your ID is entered in your WordPress user profile, along with the other social media page URLs. This can give the readers an opportunity to find you elsewhere, with just a click.

9Share your content

Share your content

Know your Facebook ‘insights’ option more, to know more about the ideal times to share your articles, which also increases your chances for them to read. Remember to not post too many a times, in one week, it can make your audience get irritated, but not very little so that they forget you.

10Grow your audience

Grow your audience

To grow your audience, remember to treat your each and every reader, with same love, appreciation, and respect as you did with your other followers. Also, remember that number of followers is not that important as much as having some real, engaging fans. So, remember that not to completely focus on creating an enormous fan base, but creating a community of individuals who truly can enjoy your work.

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