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Tips On Writing a Travel Journal

Who doesn’t love traveling? Traveling is one of the most beautiful part in a person’s life. It gives us the goal and enthusiasm, to achieve something in our life. Traveling also gives us the inspiration in life, that makes us see life in a different perspective. As with the help of modern technology, we are able to record everything. But do you love to write? Do you know that writing a travel journal is the most coolest and beautiful part of everybody’s life. But we get into some trouble, in writing a proper travel journal. So, here are few steps or tips on writing a travel journal on the way, and live that moment forever.

Tips to write a travel journal

1First step

First step

If you are very interested in writing a travel journal, then the very first step is to remember on packing your journal tools, like pen and your diary as the matter of fact. Or else if you are writing your journal on your laptop, then pack your laptop as soon as possible.

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2Document your itinerary

Document your itinerary

Try to roughly write down your itinerary, on the front page of your journal. Try to do this before you leave. Try to give space between the points, so you can also keep track, on how your itinerary changes while you travel.

3Every entry doesn’t have to be brilliant

Every entry doesn’t have to be brilliant

It is not necessary, to have an extraordinary entry. Writing everyday is important. Note down even the small details, it can help you maintain your momentum. If you miss a few days in writing, then sometimes the practice of writing a journal can be lost among the trip, so remember to make notations, no matter how small it is.

4Ask yourself

Ask yourself

Yes, ask yourself, for whom the journal is for. Is it just for you or also for your friends or to share on the internet. This can be the influence on what to put and what to leave. With the influence of your tone and style of your writing. If you are keen on writing for a wider audience, then you can try at creating a travel blog.

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5Find your theme

Find your theme

Think about all the things that can make you smile. As a whole, what does the entire day meant for you? What did you learn in the traveling? What is the changing point while traveling? What surprising things did you see or experience? You can state one of these in short sentence or even in a series of short sentences. This can be the most beautiful beginning of the great journal entry.

6Get down the details

Get down the details

It doesn’t have to be brilliant in writing, but you can try to be a little detailing. After the trip, when you are sharing your travel stories, or maybe many years later, when you are reading your journal or if anybody asks for a recommendation, you might want to remember some details. You can write these specific details in bullet points like, where you stayed, the name of the great bookshop, or the name of your favourite restaurant, where you found your favourite coffee, the restaurant you hated, etc. Try to capture the details that you think are important, but don’t worry about the mundane things.

7Weigh your words

Weigh your words

While writing down, try not to jot down every single thing that happenedto you. Just because you are in a foreign country, that doesn’t necessarily mean every happening thing is interesting. You don’t have to write down everyday practical facts like bus number, the cost of the ticket or even the series of stops in train or bus.

When you start to write down your journal, you try to remember the last moments, or last days or events thathave, that has left you with the biggest impression on you. Like if you had eaten a special food or special item or you visited a place that you went for the first time. You can paint, word picture, describing your thoughts and feelings, on your experiences and explaining the history and culture behind it. You can also write about the different backgrounds or why you like the locals or even fellow travelers, you met on your way.

8End with gratitude

End with gratitude

Do you spend the day exploring places other than home? You can compare what you saw, what you did, how you lived and also be grateful for everyday life.

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