Ways to become an optimistic person


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optimistic person

Optimism is something that is a profound effect on you and the life that you live. The two main realities of life are Optimism and pessimism. You can enjoy live a good and happy life if you can adopt a few rules in your life where optimism and positive thinking can be put to use. Earl Nightingale once said that ‘Our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude towards us’. Well, he was very right about that. If you want to be an optimistic person, then increased happiness in life is something that can keep you going. The optimistic people tend to enjoy their day and have a lot of positive energy towards the end of the day when compared to the pessimist people. If you are an optimistic person, then you tend to live more years in your life cycle, which has been scientifically proven. Being negative is one thing, but thinking negatively is totally a way of putting your troubles in front of you and making your way to the grave directly.

It is easier to be an optimistic person that to be a person who thinks that happiness is just fake. Well, if you are planning on making your life more beautiful and meaningful, then try to increase the positive energy in you. Don’t be a grumpy person all through the day. Have a sunshine smile and wake up to the beauty of happiness. Here are some ways to become an optimistic person if you are not one.

Ways to Be a Super Optimistic Person

1Say thanks and be grateful

be grateful

Sometimes it is so important that you are grateful for the life that you are given. You are not given a choice in life for choosing your parents, siblings and relatives. You can definitely choose friends, but some things are just uncontrollable and out of your reach. If you are grateful for everything you have gotten in your life, your life will become tasteful and better. Yes, you will feel happier about the fact that you have everything in life and the fact that you don’t have to cringe or crib about anything, will make you a happy person. If you can say thanks, it will mean that you are taking the blessing of someone and that will make you happier too. You will not worry much and you will be free of tension. You will experience what is called the bliss state of mind when you are grateful. So, gratitude is next to being positive!

2Happiness is a decision

Happiness is a decision

Happiness is always a decision you make in your life and not something that depends on a circumstances or situation basis. You should be happy not because you won something or you saw something. You should choose to be happy, regardless of what you are facing. Happiness is a decision that you can make for yourself. If you are in a situation that keeps you worried, try to look at the bigger perspective. Come out of the sad circle and look for something happy and attainable. That way you will make sure to keep happiness as your decision.

3Make your problem a challenge

Make your problem a challenge

Problem means that you are stuck on something and you are struggling to get out of it. A problem can be an unattainable thing, you may not like it, you may end up worrying too much to get rid of it, but all you do is keep it next to you and think about it. Well, why think of it as a problem, why not change the word and tweak it and called it as a challenge. When you say the word aloud, you are confident and you want to achieve and make sure to break loose of the challenge. That is something that works for everyone. A challenge is an amazing start to success. If you want to solve all your problems and let loose, then calling problem as challenge could be your amazing way to achieve it. This way you are not bogged down and you are motivated to do your best.

4Life is a journey

Life is a journey

Embrace your life as a journey. Journey is something that you want to explore experience and have fun in. You don’t want your journey to be dull and unsuccessful, right? Journey is all about accepting the change and moving forward for a new one. Life is very much similar to that. If you want to live optimistic then you have got to love your life as a journey. This could be the positive attitude you can carry all day long.

5Be aware of the positivity

Be aware of the positivity

Make sure that you search for what is called the positive side of everything. It is important that even a failure can have a positive side. So be aware of that, look into the details of the positive side, and search for your goal in it. You will notice that with practice it becomes so easy to find the positive in all the negatives that you will feel comfortable and happy about all the decisions you take.

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6Be around positive people

Be around positive people

When you are around positive people, you will know then whatever you do will be happy and positive. The way to go about it is to make friends with people who are friendly and who can make others happy. That is one way you can tend to be more positive and optimistic in your life.

-Pavithra Ravi