Things to do for your Groom-to-be during the wedding


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Groom To Be

Of course we know that the beautiful wedding season is on in full swing. While most of the women folks get ready to give their attention to all the brides who are going to look most wonderful creation of God on her wedding day, there are certain things we forget. All the bride’s friends focus on her Lehenga to her makeup to the jewelry she wears on her big day. Every single person’s eyes are going to wait for her entry and then stay there throughout the entire function.

But, have we forgotten something here? Oye! While we take utmost care of the bride, what about the groom? Everybody’s eyes are fixed on the bride that we hardly care about the groom. Whether you accept or not, it is true that most of the times, the groom gets somehow sidelined. Here are the top most things need to do for your groom to be during the wedding.

Things to Do For Your Groom to Be

1Treat him well

Treat him well

Remember that you should be treating your groom-to-be like he is the PM of India or the President of the United States. This could sound exaggerated, but the truth is that, if you don’t end up treating him like that, the groom’s parents may not be happy enough. You need to remember to listen to everything the groom says and take care of every move of his! Sometimes you can also listen to his choices and opinions and take it as the epitome of every decision you hence make from then on.

2Give him a second family

Give him a second family

Treat your groom-to-be as your own son and make sure that you become his family members. Remember that he will be the only one who is going to be a major part of your life from now on. It is fine to treat him better than others in your family because you are getting your daughter married to him. Make sure he is happy, so that you will find your daughter happy in future as well.

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3It is fine if he flirts

It is fine if he flirts

Give him the benefit of flirting with your own daughter. It could be difficult for you to adjust at first, but let him get to know her and vice versa. Most families don’t let the bride and groom talk before the engagement in our Indian society, but don’t be one of them. Let them talk and understand each other so that they will know the families well and how they want to lead their life with each other. After all, it is they who are going to live together and not you guys. So, let them just be and let your groom-to-be understand your daughter.

4Be the adviser for him

Be the adviser for him

It is true that no matter what happens, we Indians have an opinion on anything and everything. Giving what is called the ‘Muft ki salah’ or in other words ‘free advice’ is our favorite hobby. It wouldn’t hurt if you can become the groom’s adviser from the bride’s family. If you need your son in law to get closer to you, try to talk to him and give him life advice on how to be in a marriage or what kind of investment he can make. You can be anyone in the family – A friend, relative, mother, father of the bride! Anyone. As long as you are giving him advice and keeping him safe and happy, you don’t really have to worry a lot. He would be happy to seek your help raja without batting an eyelash.

5Give attention

Give attention

Well yes, this works very well because it is said that girls crave attention, but let us all admit that it is not entirely the truth. It is very true that guys love getting attention too though it might not be equal as the girls. So, try to pay all your attention to your groom to be as he will crave for an approval or an opinion, no matter what. Do everything in your power to keep him happy and satisfied so that he will be happy and not make a scene out of it. Paying extra attention will only make it better for you and your family. It is fine if you have to make some sweets or savories just for him. After all, he is your groom!

Well, yes it is true that there are many other perks involved in the marriage event like getting him ready and being the caretakers of his families and helping him way into the future. Remember to never say no if you think you can do it. Treat him like he is the chief guest at almost every family function. Take care of him like a baby and so on and so forth. It is sad, but the truth is that, India is a place for such gimmicks. There is no equal interest or respect, but if you are a person who likes to shower your groom-to-be with love, then there is no one who is going to stop you from doing this. So, go on and do everything in your power to make your children happy so that he feels like a real king.

-Pavithra Ravi

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