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day to night outfit

You are supposed to meet friends after office hours at a classy bar and hardly have time for a changeover. The best option in this kind of situation is, wear your day to night outfit to work with a few additions on. Pre-plan your engagements and be ready for it before hand. Depending on where you work, the outfit may have to be a bit conservative that you would like to. With a few quick tricks, you can take to a knockout outfit in no time. Here are few super easy advices for taking an outfit from day to night, which is simple and add transitions.

The Key to Transitioning From Day to Night Outfit

1Switch from comfy flats to party shoes

Switch from comfy flats to party shoes

If you wore a flat or toned down shoes for your office and don’t want to meet friends like that, then change! Just shift from comfy flats to super pumps or wedges while heading towards the party. Make sure you match them with the rest of your outfit, before grabbing them in the morning.

2Pull on the blazer

Pull on the blazer

Wear a flirty dress to the work, and pull on a blazer to keep things professional. The blazer is the perfect way to give the look of ‘ready to work’. It hides the spaghetti straps of the bodysuit and also covers the exposed back. It very well fits and complements the dress’s structure and detail. When you’re done with the day, pull the blazer off. Showing a little skin will immediately make you feel sexier.

3Touch up

Touch up

By evening your makeup might look a little worn out. If you don’t have time for the whole make up just grab a bold lipstick and add a bright color to your lips. In order to spice up the night look, add a hot pink or fiery orange, which brightens your face, and gives the color you want for a night.

4Wear the bling

Wear the bling

Confidence girls know that accessories make the outfit better. Before you leave for the office, grab few fun jewelry that you would wear for the party and not to the office. Make sure it matches your outfit. When it’s time to meet your friends, put the accessories on. You’ll look like as if you did not even step foot in an office. You can even match the evening outfit with a pair of fake diamond studs, a vintage gold choker and a gold link bracelet to give the party look. Don’t overdo with the jewelry. When going from day to night transition, shape out what you want to highlight and stick to it.

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