Do’s and Don’ts of Dating

dating, do’s and don’ts

Dating may seem easy enough for most. However, there’re plenty of ways to luck your chances if you don’t know any of the necessary do’s and don’ts of dating. When there is no time and are dealing with everyday stresses it’s hard to put your dating cap on, that’s why when you do get the chance make sure you make an impression as it may be your only chance to impress. So now, make all those first dates a little less stressful.

A Handy Guide for dating after a Long Dry Spell of Do’s and Don’ts

1Do turn up on time

Do turn up on time

For every minute you delay, your date might be thinking of the possibility of them being stood up. You will have them looking at their watch feeling self- conscious about everyone watching them sitting there alone.

2Don’t talk about how great you are

Don’t talk about how great you are

Reveal more about you when the time calls for it, and not when you want to shower everything about you. They want to listen to, respected and engaged with them and they do not want to listen everything about you. You have plenty of time to share things, share it when the situation demands.

3Do be interested

Do be interested

If you are meeting your date for the first time, it’s likely you will find a lot that you never knew. Few may interest you and few may not, but act as if you are interested. Think of the effort they made to tell you things that are important to them and show some interest in what they are saying.

4Don’t keep checking your phone

Don’t keep checking your phone

If you keep checking your phone, it totally shows lack of interest and disrespect to the conversation. This shows that you are clearly saying that your phone is more important than the person you are dating.

5Do Listen more

Do Listen more

Speak less and show your interest by listening more. We all like the sound of our own voice, but when the relationship is in raw phase, then calm down and listen to the other person who is talking. Give them the chance to speak and show interest in them.

6Do ask more questions

Do ask more questions

Yes, by now you are so interested in what they are saying that you want to know. And now take the charge in letting them know that you are interested even more on the person and ask them questions. Make them feel that you are so much engrossed and prove that what you have heard is computed.

7Don’t try to be perfect

Don’t try to be perfect

No one is perfect in this world and is looking for Ms. Perfect. No relationship is built out of perfection, so no need to worry if you don’t seem to impress your date. Imperfection is what make you perfect.

8Do Make eye contact

Do Make eye contact

The more you look away, the more dishonest you will turn. People judge the honesty with eye contact. You don’t need to stare your date, just know that a better connection will be made if you keep focus on them.

9Don’t spend too long talking about past relationships

Don’t spend too long talking about past relationships

Nobody wants to know how much you loved your ex and how wonderful your life was with them. If you want to be clear with the past, then just give a clear and short description about them. Don’t elaborate and keep talking about them. Even if you want to continue, you can, but make sure that your date will never drop you back home and have to look for the taxi out.

10Do be honest

Do be honest

You should always be proud of exactly who you are, what you stand for. If they are not ready to accept the fact of being honest then know that, they aren’t worth of you. If yes, then the relationship between you two will start off in the best possible way.

11Don’t think too far ahead

Don’t think too far ahead

Enjoy the present situation and forget your future of what might happen and what could happen to your relationship. Focus on the connection and be happy with the moment you are in. Who knows if tomorrow never comes, so just enjoy the moment and live this second. Make sure you are happy and honest with the relationship.

12Do offer to pay for the bill

Do offer to pay for the bill

Guys find attractive if the lady shows the intention of paying for the bill. It shows that you are able to take care of yourself and be independent. Though they wouldn’t let you pay, but make an attempt to pay for bills.

13Do compliment

Do compliment

We all love compliments and throwing them in dating will always take a positive turn. Keep and say it simple, clean and clear in the way you like it and mean it.

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