Pros And Cons Of Being In A Relationship With An Older Man


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Relationship With an Older Man

A lot of pros as well as cons come when you are in the relationship with an older man. But, the same can be said with any other normal couples too. Obviously, it doesn’t mean to run from the idea of dating an older guy. There are lots of celebrity couples, for example; Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor and they seem to be a lot happier.

However, there comes a lot of stigma in being with the relationship with an older guy. This stigma always stops women from doing what they want to, which in return leaves many women unsure of their doings. However, the point of any relationship is to love a person, and spend the rest of the life together. So, before you jump into anything, here are some pros and cons of being in a relationship with an older man that you must read before you do anything.

Advantage & Disadvantage Of An Older Guy


As we say about woman, even every man is unique. Everybody has a unique personality, which means that it can also vary according to your man. But, there are many pros, which can benefit from being in a relationship with an older man.

1Financial stability

Financial stability

One of the pros is also that your man will be financially stable. There are many misconceptions that a woman marry an older man because of the money. But in most cases it is not at all true. When you compare, an older man with a much younger guy, you can find a big realm of differences on finances.

Not only does an older man have a better job, he will also have more time to save some money, as well as invest in the future, and using them wisely. He can be a smart spender. Whereas when a man is younger, they tend to go through a phase called spending a lot of money very unwisely. While not thinking of saving up for the future.

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2Great communication

Great communication

Sometimes, younger men tend to not reply for hours or even for days and this can make you more sad, worried or even angry.

However, when you are with an older guy, chances are that you won’t see these things happening. Instead, you will constantly get text messages, calls, and many more. You can forget about being ignored when dating an older guy. When you are with him in person, you will find having interesting conversations.

Communication is the very important part in a relationship, and you can see that being happening in your relationship. The old men, tend to be very reasonable, tentative, understanding and considerate. This can be seen in every aspect of the relationship.

3Super confident

Super confident

Men are like wine and cheese, who gets better with age, and with age, confidence as well as many other features become more stronger and apparent.

When dating an older men you will also see that he is much more confident. He is sure of himself on whatever he does, because of his experiences in the past as well as present. Also, older man is not afraid to express himself, and also won’t be afraid to get close or feel connected due to his confidence.

4Amazing brilliance

Amazing brilliance

You can find an abundance of knowledge, because of his many past experiences. You can also find this trait to be really sexy part in him. Even he is able to help you with many parts of your life problem, that a younger man can’t.

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5Awesome sex

Awesome sex

Without doubt, he is the most sexually experienced man, than a younger man will ever be. It is because he being older, he has learned many ways of not to be a selfish lover. Infact, you will find that he is putting your sexual desire up on the top.

6Happy life

Happy life

You will also find that he is more than willing to settle down with you, live together, start a family, and spend more time with you. There is no doubt, when you are in a relationship with an older man, is because he has true feelings for you and also see a future with you, which means he is beyond committed to you and also want you in life.


Although there are some cons, that can come with being in the relationship with an older man. This is where the social stigma becomes more associated with them, and also become more apparent.

7Meeting your family

Meeting your family

When it comes to being in a relationship with an older guy, you may get many major anxiety issues or ball of nerves to make him meet your family. Many parents even frown upon you end the relationship because of the age gap. This also becomes more difficult issue for woman who have traditional, over-protective or orthodox parents.

However, if you truly care and is in love with your man, then your parents will see through your happiness. So, it is best before your parents meet your boyfriend, you must tell them about him, also talk about your relationship. This can help in easing them out. Also, do not forget to mention the age difference, let them know how you feel about him, and also how awesome he really is.

8Different lifestyle

Different lifestyle

Sadly, when you are young and thinking of carrying out your dreams of traveling, taking risks in business, or even trying to live abroad to be successful and achieve the goals of your life, your man may not be that partaking. This what what the massive con while in a loving relationship with an older man. It is because while you are trying to experience and explore life, he has already done that.

But, the pro in being in a relationship with an older man is how he is pretty much ready on being committed as well as settle down because of his already most past experience. This quality sometimes falls into both the pros as well as cons in a relationship.

9His past

His past

When you are dating an older man, you must walk into a relationship with him knowing that he has a past. Like, he may or may not have been married before or might have been engaged, or at least have been in serious relationships, can also have kids. Due to him being older, there are many chances that he have experienced or even done many more things than you.

Just when you are falling in love, do not think about the age. Love is a very beautiful experience in life, and try to experience it as much as possible.

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