How To Care For A Pet Tortoise

Care For A Pet Tortoise

What do you know about tortoise? Well, they have been on earth for more that 200 million years, which also means that this animal has walked on earth same time when dinosaurs did. Tortoises are an exciting pet, and are very fun as well as fun to watch and care for. However, since they have been around for a really long time, they have developed few preferences, which are needed for there personal care as well as there needs. This also means that caring for a tortoise is quite a bigger commitment than you think, and it takes many times as well as dedication to be sure that your tortoise is healthy and strong. So here, are a few tips on how to care for a pet tortoise.

Steps In Taking Care Of A Pet Tortoise

1Prepare a proper habitat

proper habitat
  • Before you even buy a tortoise, be sure to select a right kind of enclosure. Many people use glass aquariums, which are actually not a very good for your pet. It is because the sides are too high for him and not much floor space for them.
  • Instead, you can opt for more wider as well as a shallower container for them. Even a large plastic storage container works for them in an indoor habitat. You can even buy large wooden tortoise table for enough floor space.

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2Proper UV exposure

Proper UV exposure
  • When in wild tortoises bask in the sun to regulate their body temperature as well as absorb some vitamin D.
  • So, UV rays are the most important part in your pet’s life. You must let your tortoise out in the sun to bask some natural sunlight is a pretty good idea, if there is no source of getting a natural sunlight, then you can even use a UV lamp to provide this artificial sunlight.
  • Depending on the species, the amount of UV provided also varies. But, mostly it varies between eight to twelve hours.

3Nourishing Your Tortoise

Nourishing Your Tortoise
  • What type of food your tortoise will eat, is largely dependent on the species of tortoise that you have chosen.
  • It is very important to ask the source, where you have got it, on your pet’s staple diet.
  • In general, most of the time tortoise eats mixed leafy green vegetables, such as spring mix.
  • When tortoises are babies, they are more tend to eat softer or crispier foods, because their tiny jaws are very soft to tear apart hard foods.
  • Tortoises can eat like most vegetables, green beans, broccoli, or even kale. Especially if you are thinking of mixing them with green beans, but the most important part is to know what your type of tortoise needs the most.
  • Your tortoise may also need supplements that you can be sure he or she grows strong and healthy. These supplements must have Vitamin A & D3 and Calcium. Some tortoises also prefer dandelion leaves, lettuce, celery, and sometimes fruits.
  • It is also important that your tortoise stays hydrated and healthy. Just pour some water in a shallow tray or in a saucer and then sink it into the floor of his or her enclosure.
  • The tray must be shallow enough, for the tortoise to stand in it and place his or her head in the water without completely being submerged.
  • Remember to replace the water daily. Your pet must have its own bowl of water, whether to be in outdoors or indoors.

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4Handling Your Tortoise

Handling Your Tortoise
  • Remember to handle your tortoise very carefully. Never ever drop your tortoise. It is because if the shell breaks, then there are chances of them dying from infection.
  • Though you may want to pamper your tortoise more, but you must take it easy on holding them, or even letting others hold it. This process can be stressful for your little pet.
  • If there are children’s around, then you must explain to them that it is always better if they just admire, and handling must be done with proper care.
  • Tortoises always need to stay hydrated, especially when they are very young. When you first bring them home, you must soak it in water few times in a week. So, that it feels fully hydrated.
  • Mostly when the tortoise is well soaked, it will immediately start drinking it. This is the sign, that will let you know that everything is running smoothly. Also, remember that more is not always more when it comes to soak the tortoise.

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