Pet Owners and their Personalities – Your Pet Love Shows Your Traits


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Pet’s presence is making a huge difference in human life. Many of the women are happy to be surrounded with pets than human. Owning an animal can decide your personality. This is something interesting to know and the pet you own says what kind of a person you are.

There are women that care for dogs and they may punch on the faces if anyone calls their pups “dogs”. Few women call their kittens “babies”. Some of the women are fond of birds, fishes and turtles. Pampering pets are part of their life and pets are their life.

Now we are going to talk about your pet love and your personality based on your pets. We are able to find the personality of the pet lover as there are psychological reasons for your pet love. This is the nicest thing that you can read about yourself.

Your Personality Based On Your Pet Love

People choose their favourite pet and own them based on their nature. The qualities of various pet owners are revealed in many of the studies. We here collected the interesting facts about the personalities of pet owners.

1. A Dog Owner

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Most of them are dog owners, compared to other animal owners. It is observed that dog owners are responsible, disciplined and less aggressive. Until they have such great qualities they would not own a dog. As a dog needs the owner’s time to train, feed and look after their hygiene. A dog lover is also identified as a fun-loving and lively person. You also find some women living alone with her doggy and they are brave and bold from inside, not just for appearance.

You may find a woman calm all the time and think that she is an introvert. Then, you must look at the same woman with her pup, you will find her playful and the happiest.

Now start noticing the personality of a dog lover!

2. A Cat Owner

A-Cat-OwnerMost of the cat owners are introverts and sensitive. A woman coming back home wants her cat’s affection. Her kitten is her stress buster!

Women who own a cat are observed as independent and open-minded. Cats are independent pets and unlike other pets. So, the pet owner and the pets match up with the same traits. The other interesting traits that found in cat lovers are creative, intellectual and emotionally intelligent.

Have you found the above traits in a cat lover?

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3. Reptile Owner


Reptile are independent in their life as they don’t need much attention. Reptiles owners go to their pets to give them food and wish them a good day. They are good at taking care of their pets but reptiles don’t need much of their attention, anyway. Reptile owners were found to be with a low sense of humour.

Check these traits of a reptile owner, if you are one.

4. Bird Owner


Bird lovers are expressive in nature and they love to socialize. Interestingly, the female bird lovers are identified as dominant. They also carry a strong personality which is another unique trait based on pet love. Bird lovers being dominant, they are also caring, polite and kind. Bringing up their baby birds needs patience and they must be really caring towards them.

Hey bird lovers! Are these traits matching with yours?

5. Fish Owner


Fish lovers are observed more as friends and they were found as happiest. They love to watch their tiny creatures and they also enjoy giving them food (R). Fish lovers are found as most optimistic and with a sense of humour. They are less materialistic says the studies. Fish owners were also found as emotionally stable. The pretty fishes make your pet love stay minimal. They need little of your attention with little food and regular hygiene like cleaning the aquarium. Many of the fish owners get fishes to add the attraction to their home as well.

Are you a fish lover and are these qualities of yours?

6. Rabbit owners

Rabbit-ownersRabbits love to spend their time with humans and they also need it. Rabbit owners were found that they have a sense of humour and they are patient. The adorable creature rabbit, don’t like to get cuddled in arms. So, they need to be pampered sitting beside them. Bunny is the cutest pet and best companion to be with. Most of the times, rabbits need few toys around them and your little attention makes them happy.

If you are a bunny lover, check these facts about yourself.

Develop your bond with your pets and let them have the happiest life. Pets make your life better but for them, you are making their life itself. Some of the pet owners need to invest their time in pampering their pets and this based on their own personality and lifestyle.

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