Most meaningful things to do with your first salary


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First job

Your first pay check is always special. It is not the money, it is not the experience or the company you work for. It is the fun and excitement to see the money get credited to your account. This will officially be only your money where you have slogged your ass off to get whatever you deserve. After years of spending your parents’ money, there comes that one day in your adult life, where you see the magic words “Your Salary Has Been Credited” for the first time on your mobile phone. So, here are some really meaningful things you can do with your first pay cheque.

Ways To Spend Your First Salary – Career

1Buy whatever you wanted to ever buy

Buy whatever you wanted

There is a point in life, when you are eagerly waiting for your salary and that amazing sale just ends the day you get your account filled with your hard earned money. Go out and buy that branded bag. The shoes you always eyed on. You know how you always went past a shop, and looked lustfully at the glitzy product and thought to yourself “Once I start earning, I’m coming here”. Yes, that moment is finally here and while saving is good, you can excuse yourself for the first time. First times are always special. So just treat yourself and feel awesome. You’ve worked hard and you deserve yourself a little treat.

2Clear off your dues

Clear off your dues

When you were a student, do you remember those times when your friends spent on you? The amount of phone bills, the number of internet bills and what not your parents paid for you? Do you remember the number of coffees your older and earning friends took you out on while you were searching for a job? Now, is a good time to sit back, do a round of audit and clear off all your loans and dues. Preferably with a thank you note. Clearing your dues also includes various bills like your mobile phone, credit cards etc. Living debt-free is one of the most effective ways to live a peaceful life.

3Send a token of gratitude to that one person

Send a token of gratitude

We often get caught with so many things around us that we forget that one person who made us who we are today. It could be anyone. Your personal helper who helped you get through the interviews, the person who referred your name, or even your friend who helped you get in with ease. While it takes a free thank you to make them feel happy, an extra small gift with a personal note wouldn’t hurt too. Give them chocolates , flower or a simple hug and a card. This sure will tell them how much you respect and appreciate their help.

4Start investing

Start investing

Though first salaries are not for saving, it is just good to do something productive out of it. Spend Spend spend! No backing out on that. But also, try to invest on something important. You may consider your first salary too paltry or yourself too young to actually consider investing. But every penny invested helps you multiply over the long term. Remember that a life without investment is like a marriage without love. So, always invest on something that you think would be useful for you, down the lane. If not now, later in life, you would be needing this money for something. So always try to come up with ideas of saving the money. 5 years down the line, you’d thank yourself when you count all that interest, and of course all the savings you can count on for your future.

5Get a tattoo

Get a tattoo

Let’s face it. Tattoos are an expensive self treat anybody can give themselves. If you want it from a professional, you might as well save up, which you should because a tattoo is for life and one thing you absolutely cannot skimp on. So,if you have waited for ‘the moment’you can just get one without worrying about the cost now. This is the best time. It will also help serve as a souvenir for this big moment of your life. Make sure the tattoo is non-intrusive and doesn’t violate a dress code at your new workplace. Now, getting fired for getting a tattoo with your first salary would be a bit ironic!

6Help someone

Help someone

Sometimes, innate happiness comes when you help someone with your money. You have just embarked on a path of self independence and financial freedom where you don’t have to answer anyone for spending money. So, you might as well take that as a great excuse to do some good deed. While you may consider paying income taxes as good deed enough, the fact is these people hardly depend on the government, and more on the compassion of people who have the privilege of helping. Think of a cause close to you, and donate an amount you think you can afford, or simply spend a little to make someone’s day.

7Just go on a trip

Just go on a trip

Go out and enjoy by yourself. While you can solo trip, you can also pool in some of your friends to have some great fun outside the city. Don’t let the lack of money stop you from exploring new places. If you have a less budget trip, even better! So, just go out, explore and have a great time!

8Pamper yourself

Pamper yourself

You are just out of your office after getting your first pay cheque and feel like eating that ‘Big donut’ that costs a bomb when you didn’t earn! Now, it obviously looks affordable? Just go for it. You deserve to treat yourself and pamper yourself. Go to a spa, get a massage done! Get a trim, color your hair and look new in your new office. You have worked hard, and your salary is the most tangible form of reward of your hard work. A little indulgence can be forgiven.

9Thank your parents

Thank your parents

They always kept a watch on you. Whether or not you asked them, they gave you money to buy your necessities. They made your luxuries, affordable. They saved on their basics, so you got your wishes fulfilled. While no amount of money can repay your parent’s effort for you, you can still show them a few meaningful gestures and thoughtful gifts that can surely bring a smile to their face. Take them out for a nice dinner, buy your dad a new spectacle frame, your mother a new apron if she has been complaining of the texture and cloth for a long time and get your little sister that guitar she’d always been air strumming.

When it comes to first salary, you can do a lot more than you actually expect! Here’s to all the newbie’s who would receive their first salaries soon. Happy spending!

-Pavithra Ravi