Things you shouldn’t apologize for at the work place


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Did you apologize for the last sick leave you took? An argument that broke out when you and your colleagues were discussing or maybe got offended for the sleazy comment by your work mate? Well, an office is a place for a lot of people. Let’s face it! Whether or not you like it, you have to adjust to the different kinds of people around you who may or may not appreciate your growth in the firm. There are a few things you may want to restrain yourself from saying. Out of which, the first one would be ‘SORRY’. You needn’t have to be sorry for certain things that may come out in a wrong manner to the other one. Thus, stop apologizing at work place.

There are a few situations at work that demands to be dealt like a boss. By apologizing for the wrong things, you will display, low self-confidence and that’s never an advantage. Don’t undermine your achievements by apologizing to them. It’s time to step up the confidence level and stop saying sorry for a few things at work.

1Things You Shouldn’t be SORRY for at the Workplace

2Asking for a raise

Asking raise

Well, yes, never ask a sorry if you think you can demand something from your organization. If you have done it right, you better ask for what you deserve. A raise  may be an untouched topic for quite a few of you. This may come as a surprise if we say that, you can feel less sorry about this very fact. Ask for a raise if you think you deserve. Be polite in your approach and make sure you mark a point when you ask something like this to your boss. Trust your gut and go for it , because no one else will do it for you if you do not step up for yourself! Hard hitting right? But, that’s the truth.

3Taking a break

Taking a break

A lot of times, you work your ass off at your workplace. Not that it goes unnoticed, but it is not acknowledged in the way you want it to be. But the minute you take extra breaks, you are frowned at. But, it is fine to take a break. It is also important for you to develop a decorum when it comes to taking a break. Frequent breaks may be a problem here, but when you know that you deserve a weekend off, just take one! It is totally fine and you will enjoy it more than the usual ones.

4Make life a priority over work

Make life a priority

There is something called ‘Work life balance’. You need to learn that no matter what! You work the entire day at the office and when you go back home, your mind needs to switch off the ‘office you’ and turn on the ‘home you’. Yes, this is very important when you have a family waiting for you all day long. Watch a movie, go out, speak to your husband/boyfriend, have fun! Everyone has a family and a job. It is just how you manage, that matters! So, never feel sorry for making life your priority.

5Take a stand and stick to it

Take a stand

Most often, office situations lets you take decisions. If you know your decision is right, just stick to it. You need to be a strong headed person at the office sometimes to prove your point which is okay. If you break easily, people will take advantage of that and wouldn’t want to believe you in your future encounters. If you think your point is right, stand even if the entire office is against your gut. If you prove to be right, you have no idea how much that is going to take you both on professional and personal levels.

6Keep office people away from Facebook

away from Facebook

It is sometimes fine to just reject few friend requests from your colleagues. This will come across as a rude behavior, but this is way better than anyone looking at your personal stuff. It is quite clear that you can’t have a great rapport with everyone at the office. If you do not find it right, just don’t do it. It is hassle free and uncomplicated!

7Not looking perfect

Not looking perfect

Everyone has ‘no-so-good-looking’ day! You do not have to look great everyday. You are a human being and you need not be in perfect looks. Don’t expect to look perfect every time you step out of the house. Plus, this is perfectly fine because everyone has ‘odd days’. Unless you are trying to impress someone at the office, you needn’t have to bother everyday about your looks.

8Raising voice against inappropriate comments

Raising voice

Oh boy! You need to raise your voice against those shady comments that people pass at you, at the office. You needn’t have to be sorry for this at all. Most women go through sexual harassment at the workplace at some point in their lives. It generally starts with inappropriate jokes. Nip it in the bud.

9Nah! Never be sorry for what’s in your resume

your resume

It doesn’t matter where you are now, it is all because of the work you have done in the past. So, when it comes to an interview, never be sorry for the work you have done or your previous experience. It has made you the person that you are now. So, do not say sorry for what is there in your resume. If the interviewer doesn’t like what he sees, to hell with him! You just need to raise your level and march ahead.

10An office romance

An office romance

If you are not breaking any rules of the workplace and you know it is safe to be the ‘romantic you’ in front of others, then go ahead and be that! Also, if you know that your break-up is going to be tolerable by others at the office, brood over your relationship. You should only be worried if you are breaking some rules and are going ahead in the undesirable route. Until then, keep ‘sorry’, off cards.

Of course, this isn’t to say that you should stop apologizing completely. If you know you’re wrong, it’s best to go by what our parents taught us: be humble, and apologize. But take charge of the rest, ladies. You don’t have to take one for everything you do! So, be a good human being and step up if needed.

-Pavithra Ravi