9 Best Careers For Women In India- Be Wise For Your Bright Future


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Some times, women may have to arrange their priorities as per the circumstances. One of the priorities they would keep aside is their career. So, you must come out of the dilemma, fear and choose the right career for yourself and for your future.

Picking the right career option can make your life easier and happier. Same way when you choose an unsuitable career, you would have disturbances in life. Career must be handled well which is your future and important part of your life.

There are few careers that are suitable for women, especially. Women can fit in a few career options and excel with their capabilities. As it is not only about the good pay but also job satisfaction. You choose a career that can give you job satisfaction and good pay. You need to take up the job role which can raise your goals in life and which can lead your life better.

Careers for Women In India

We agree that all the careers are good in some or the other way. But you must also see the scope and future of the profession. The role you take up must also suit your personality, attitude, profile and qualification. Women can be a role model when she is selecting the right job and growing professionally.

1. Teaching

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Teaching is a prestigious profession anywhere and at any time. If you are knowledgeable in any subject, you can give try to become a teacher. You will high job satisfaction spreading the knowledge to young minds. You can feel proud of yourself for selecting teaching profession. If you are concerned about the pay, you can check with various schools and colleges. A woman being a teacher can handle their students with patience. It may not look like a relaxed and happy job for young women. But it is all in the way a teacher handles her students. Your small tricks can make the young minds go in all right path.

2. Banking

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Banking is the other great career where you have amazing growth. With promotions. If you are good at commerce and accounts, you can choose to bank as your profession. Baking is of various kinds and you will be placed into the right process and department as per your skills. You can excel with logical and spontaneous thinking. You can make your best mark and also gain recognition in a short time.

Once you are in banking, you will be entered into the commercial sector where you get exposure and growth.

The banking sector also gives great benefits like insurance, increments and many.

3. Blogging

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Blogging is a decent job which also allows you to get good pay. There is a great scope for blogging even in future years. Women can research and make blogging based on their interests and knowledge. If a woman is into fashion and beauty more, she can be a fashion blogger. This way, they can do blogging on fitness and health and many other niches.

You can be involved in the job you love to do. All the intelligence and ideas of a woman can be shown in writing. In fact, writing Is the best way to explore.

4. Designing

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A woman is much into fashion and has skills like sketching can proceed to pursue the designing course.

Her interests can be developed in the best colleges and they also get placed in great brands of fashion.

Designing is topping the best career list in India, especially for women.

A woman, who starts her career in designing can also go for a startup of her own after gaining enough experience in the fashion industry. Her skills and capabilities of handling the fashion industry will be enhanced in the designing field.

5. Air Hostess

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Air hostess can be one of the brilliant jobs that a woman can get into. It is a prestigious position for a woman to be an air hostess. Without any hesitation, a woman can give a try for this job role. You have certain benefits of being an air hostess. Some of the common benefits are-

An air hostess can experience different cultures

Some of the airlines provide health coverage

She can explore various places in the world

6. Nursing

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Nursing is one of the best jobs for women. A nurse gets to serve for people’s well being and promote their health. The nursing profession is also getting well paid. Anyways, the pay scale differs in different organizations. You also have good leave benefits in a nursing profession which is not the same with other professions.

7. Mental Health Counselor

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Women can finish their course in behavioral, social science, or psychology field. Once they get graduated, they can get into the psychology field. The most satisfying factor of being a mental health counselor is, helping others for their better life. You get paid well and you will have work life balance which is needed for women. The flexible schedules will make easy for you to manage in all aspects of life. You keep finding new challenges and ]you also meet a variety of people.

8. Chartered Accountant

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A chartered accountant is one of the prestigious and demand full jobs in India. You need to be a skilled person to manage the challenges of this job role. You must be good at accounts and commerce along with problem solving capability. If you find yourself enough capable of managing the challenges being in chartered account role, then you can give a try. Moreover, you will a better working environment and high salaries. Coming to professional growth, it is based on your performance and skills that you showcase.

9. HR manager

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You can showcase your managerial skills by taking up this job. The benefit is, you have the job security. In the position of HR manager, a person can have a professional connection with all the levels of staff. Being an HR manager, you will have the authority and importance in the organization.

Choose a career that can make you lead a happy life. In fact, you will have some struggles in every job. But when you are loving your job, all struggles can be pushed away and just work happily. Whereas, being on a role that is not suitable to you or where you cant work with your whole and soul, it will be the toughest phase. Instead of getting rid of such jobs, be wise and choose the right for you.

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