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You love nail colouring with lovely shades. The enthusiasm for painting your nails turning into disappointment is common. So, you need to learn some tricks that your nail painting professional and with a neat look.

Sometimes, the paint comes out of the line. After painting your nails beautifully, it smudges. All these can ruin your interest in painting your nails. Just to not hate nail polishing and art, you must try painting with brilliant tricks at home.

When you have been asked to learn the tricks of beauty and fashion, it is not difficult as you imagine. The tricks and ways of painting your nails perfectly are simple. It makes your task easy and makes your nails all flawless. These ways of decorating your nails are not only easy but fashionable as well.

How to Paint your Nails Perfectly?

1. Use eyeliner brushes to set your nail paint


It is very common that nails become messy when you are painting. So, you need a firm and pointy tool to clean the extra paint. If you notice the eyeliner brush is pointy which can clear the extra paint. When you leave your nails without clearing the extra paint, the nail art or paint look clumsy. The bush is also flexible to use in cleaning the extra paint.

2. Use nail tape for extra space


You can make your nails flawless with the tape space which is a super trick. You need not be conscious while painting your nails. It is easy to paint your nails when you have extra space at the cuticles.

3. Always use a base coat


A base coat nail polish prevents your nails from breakage. The nail art or nail paint last longer as well. You must not skip using a base coat nail polish as it makes your nail paint application smooth and flawless. You will be able to give smooth strokes with a thin layer of base coat nail polish.

4. Dip your nails to cold water to dry


You can never trust paint to stay as is after painting. So, you must focus on ways to dry your nails. The easiest way to dry your nails is dipping in cold water after painting. Cold water can make your nail paint stick to your nails.

5. Apply thin coats of nail polish


You need to apply thin coats of nail polish which keeps your nails smudge free. Thick coats of nail polish can create smudges to your nails. You can also make your nails look faultless. Thick nail polish makes it peel off easily. The best tip when you are painting your nails is to coat thin.

6. Try simple nail arts

Try simple nail arts

You may get bored with just nail paint then you can try simple nail art. Add some glitter and make it glitter nail art. There are many other simple nail arts with floral, stones and dots designs.

You can make your nails look stylish with simple nail arts.

7. Prep your nails


Whenever you are painting your nails, prep your nails. You must file your nails and trim properly into a suitable shape. Clean your nails and smooth the tips of nails. Preparing your nails to paint is crucial. Your uncleaned nails can mess your nails while painting. It also looks unclear which can be a disaster. So, it is suggested to clean and prep your nails before polishing.

9. Use nail tools


You have multiple nail art and nail paint tools to use. The tools can make your polishing task easy. You can clean nail polish with the right tools and make your nail polish look perfect. When you strive to get that professional decorated nails, you must choose the nail tools. You can change many handy things into tools.

10. Back your cuticles before painting your nails


In case, you don’t have a nail tape to create extra space, you can back your cuticles with a nail file. But you need to need it gently. In fact, you need to extra gentle when doing this to your cuticles. Backing the cuticles can create space and prevents paint scattering out from cuticles.

11. Remove the older nail polish


You need to remove the painted gel to decorate your nails newly. Never try to coat upon the old nail polish. It looks clumsy and messy when you are polishing nails without erasing the older one.

12. Roll your nail polish bottle before applying


You need to roll the nail polish bottle to avoid the bubbles in it. The bubbles in nail polish are the obstacles that spoil your nail painting. When you roll the bottle bubbles get popped and it will be easy to apply. You are only asked to roll the nail polish but not shake the polish.

How often you can paint your nails?

You cannot wear the nail paint all the time. If you leave your nails with paint for longer time, it may cause the rough white patches. Which is called as Keratin granulation. In case, you are noticing any peeling, dryness or discoloration, then you must understand that you need to free your nails from any nail cosmetics. The acetone content in nail remover also causes the nail damages and dryness.

The important question that needs to be answered is about pregnant women painting their nails. It is nothing harmful in pregnant women painting their nails. But it is crucial to use chemical free nail polishes. The harmful chemicals may irritate yor nose, eyes, throat and lungs.

You can apply nail polish effortless but perfectly using these ways. Perfection is beautiful but should is only possible with some tricks. You can decorate your nails like a pro when you have such handy tricks. Let your interest for beauty be raised with simple and easy ways. Complications are always the game spoilers.

Be a smart beauty with some tips and tricks to paint your nails perfectly.

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