Tips And Tricks For Naturally Beautiful Nails

Naturally Beautiful Nails

Everybody loves to have a beautiful and wonderful nails. A nail shape, its strength, as well as the look defines a persons personal hygiene and self caring. Out hands come in contact with many things, that we do not need in our body. So, here are some tips and tricks for naturally beautiful nails, that can amaze everybody.

Beauty Tips For Pretty And Healthy Nails

1Let Them Breathe

Let Them Breathe

The most important thing that you can do for your nail care is just give them a day or two to breathe, after you remove your nail polish. It will help you nail very much, with less staining or yellowing. Also, try to give few days to even a week in between the manicures. This resting can be beneficial for your nails in continuing steps. An easy and effective beauty tips.

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2Apply vinegar for lasting nail polish

Apply vinegar for lasting nail polish

If you want to make your nail polish last pretty much longer, then the technique is to use vinegar. Take some few drops of vinegar on a cotton ball and dab the cotton ball on your nail. By this your nail polish will stay longer as you have wanted it to stay. Beauty tip for beautiful manicured nails.

3Do Some Maintenance Work

Do Some Maintenance Work

In between the manicure time or the break you give, try to do some maintenance by yourself too. Such as, cutting nails, then filing them. While filing, remember to file in one direction, as it make,the less prone to splits developing. Push cuticles back, using a cuticle stick or orange stick.

4Apply a Nail Treatment

Apply a Nail Treatment

Also, remember to apply nail treatment as it helps to keep them strong, and prevent from breakage with a hint of shine in them, until your next manicure.

5Applying hand cream

Applying hand cream

Generally,our nails are ten times more porous than out skin. So, they are even more prone to breakage. So every time when you use soap and water, your nails become more soft and brittle. It is always best to use some hand cream on the nails too, as it can make it hard as well as strong.

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6Apply Cuticle Oil

Apply Cuticle Oil

When the break time is up in between manicure, then it is the best thing to apply cuticle oil. This product is especially designed to meet the proper need of your cuticles. This oil helps in softening them, as well as making them more manageable. These are one of the extra things to make your hands look as well as feel lovely.

7Avoid using harsh polish

Avoid using harsh polish

Nail polishes basically contain many numbers of toxic chemicals such as dibutyl phthalate, toluene, diethyl phthalates, formaldehyde, and camphor. Fortunately,there are some companies that make polishes which do not contain any of these chemicals. So, before purchasing make sure to read the label carefully.

8Buff instead of color

Buff instead of color

Buffing may not play an eye-catching part as colour, but they can go a long ways. Take some time out to trim, buff, and file your nails properly and you will be surprised to see the way they look despite they are natural. As I said before, never saw back and forth, as it can weaken your nails. Try to file from the outside edge to the inside.

9Eat well

Eat well

Diet is a very important part to maintain healthy nails. Proteins are very crucial, so does Omega-3 fatty acids. Eating more food with vitamin B, can reduce brittleness; zinc helps in getting rid of white spots; iron can prevent ridges from forming; calcium helps in keeping it strong; vitamin A and C helps in preventing dryness as well as dullness. Remember to drink plenty of water for hydration.

10Check Your Nail Polish Remover

Check Your Nail

Stop, before you use nail polish remover! A nail polish remover with acetone in it can be very harsh on your nails. They can be very prone to breakage. Select a remover, without this ingredient in them. Also, remember to look for strengthening formula.

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