Top 13 Best Tattoo Designs For Women


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Tattoo Designs For Women

These types of dainty as well as feminine tattoos, are the most perfect for those people who want to express themselves without covering the whole body with ink. Small and dainty tattoos are very subtle as well as easy to cover whenever needed. Yet they always carry the same amount of meaning as other tattoos. Plus, they always look very classy and sophisticated, especially on feminine body. So, just take a look at these top 10 best tattoo designs for women, that can make you look gorgeous. So here, are top 13 best tattoo designs for women, which can make your everyday fashionable.

Tattoo Ideas For Girls

1This Too Shall Pass

This Too Shall Pass

One of the most feminine tattoo with a most important message. A very meaningful message. You can wear them on your shoulder, hands for a gorgeous outlook.

2Tree Tattoo

Tree Tattoo

A very aesthetically pleasing tattoo, which is a plus because it will remain with you forever. These tattoos look best more on the wrist.

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3Back Cross

Back Cross

If you are thinking that you are not a Christian, then why you need a cross tattoo? Then you are wrong. Cross tattoo on the upper back, is most definitely an eye-catching and they look more cool as well as stylish.

4Just Live

Just Live

This tattoo can be a reminder, just to live in the moment and must not be afraid to take a risk at all. Wear them on your shoulder, or below the wrist.



This sexy and fashionable body art is most popular for its rib cage appearance. Also, it incites the very positive outlook on life. You can also wear this tattoo on your wrist, or on the bicep

6Tiny Arrows Set

Tiny Arrows Set

These fashionable and dainty pair of tattoos or body art that are pointing towards the hands are so much I am in love with. It is like pointing me towards the goal of life and where ever I want to go from here. Try this on your arms, shoulder wrist, even fingers.



These absolutely abstract designs are on the fashion chart of body art now-a-days. You can flaunt then right on the spine, or below the wrist. There are many kinds of abstract designs available on arrows.



According to me, this tattoo is just amazing. You can give according to your selection of size and amount of birds to be there. You can just flaunt it anywhere and anytime, best for people who have a free spirit and amazing traveling goals. This beautiful body art can be done anywhere in the body, from the wrist to the neck or even legs.

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This inspiring tattoo can be done anywhere in the body, from the leg to the fingers or even in your neck, or wrist. You can also try add some words before free to mark an inspiring self discovery. Different words like, “be free” or “live free” and many more.



I have always been a fan of finger tattoos, just like one of this. No matter, without even fingers you can flaunt it in your wrist, neck, and shoulders. You can also try out the heart sign tattoo for more added mystery.

11Small Paper Airplane

Small Paper Airplane

This small or petite tattoo can symbolize anything from adventure, freedom hope or even youth. You can do this tattoo on your wrist, shoulder, side of your palm.

12Small Star Tattoo

Small Star Tattoo

Do you remember Sonakshi Sinha Star tattoo? Well, it is the most flattering collar tattoo ever, for me. These small star tattoos look cool,mostly on the collar, but you can even try them on your wrist, or feet.

13Small Feather

Small Feather

Thinking of getting a tattoo below the ear? Then this feather tattoo can perfectly compliment as well as hug your ear. Also, try this tattooing some different parts too, like the wrist feet, hands, finger.

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