Awesome Bird Tattoo Ideas For Girls


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Tattoo Ideas For Girls

Birds are a source of fascination among humans, as they always represent ultimate freedom. As human beings, we are unable to imagine any bigger freedom than being able to stretch the wings and fly into the sky. Plus, there is a belief that the birds are closest creature to the divine as they are able to fly high into the sky, it is also believed that it brings them closer to heavens. These beliefs that bird carries, make them a tremendous visual impact, and also make them ideal for being chosen as an amazing tattoo motif. Since birds have been the part of folklore, mythology and history, tattoo motifs related with birds with their central theme is also very popular. Since birds represent so many things like freedom of spirit, helpful as well as active nature, they have also become popular as a tattoo ideas for girls.

Bird Tattoo Ideas For Girls

1Two birds on wrist tattoos

Two birds on wrist tattoos

This tattoo can be a little bit heavy for the beginners. But if you consider, then it can be one of the best. Two small birds facing each other on your wrist can give you a quirky as well as beautiful look.

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2Pink flamingo birds with stars tattoos

Pink flamingo birds with stars tattoos

This amazing pink flamingo birds on the back of your elbow can more than just enhance your whole attire. It can make you look more mesmerizing, as well as stylish and with your unique tattoo choice you can make everybody stunned. So if you are a more colorful kind of person, then the suggestion is to go with this tattoo.

3Tiny paper bird tattoo

Tiny paper bird tattoo

We all love to decorate out house with little paper bird origami, but what more interesting in it is decorating your arm with this little paper bird tattoo. This type of tattoo can look good on minimalistic persons. As the only thing that is drawn is just the outlines of the bird.

4Tiny hummingbird tattoo

Tiny hummingbird tattoo

These are the tinniest of all the tattoos and as you can see in the image, it can be done on the back of your hand. Minimalism – to the point, art – immense, style – fabulous. So if you are scared of big tattoos then this can enhance your colorful personality, just like the humming bird.

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5Small black bird tattoo on neck

Small black bird tattoo on neck

If you like more into simple as well as classy kind of person, then this tattoo is one of the best bird tattoo ideas for girls. The tattoo on the neck can simplify the classiness as well as increases the sexy part in you. Now you can define yourself with something that is amazing and small.

6Tiny bird tattoos on arm

Tiny bird tattoos on arm

Bird tattoos are awesome, and tiny bird tattoos on the arm can be more awesome. For some of you, who don’t like to show off, or want to get a tattoo but nottoo vibrant, just so that you can hide them easily. This is the best. It is simple, minimal, classy, and amazing. You don’t have to worry about how to hide, or it will match with your current attire or not, because it can go with anything or everything you wear.

7Small flying bird tattoo on shoulder

Small flying bird tattoo on shoulder

Shoulder tattoos are really very sexy as well as beautiful to whoever wears it and this flying bird tattoo ideas for girls are best. You can also easily hide them, reveal whenever you want. Move like you own it.

8Small love birds on back of an ear

Small love birds on back of an ear

Another amazing place to draw a bird tattoo sitting on the branches is behind the ear. Yes, it can be a little hard to get. But those who already have an experience on this amazing body art can do it with not much of a difficulty. Let the bird shine way from your ear.

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