How To Spark Up A Long Distance Relationship


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Spark Up a Long Distance Relationship

The bad thing in missing your partner is when you both are in a long distance relationship. You both barely see each other, and sometimes if you do it is during the weekends. You feel like you are missing most of the part in life, not living with your better-half. Sometimes texting, calling or video calls on skype feel like the only hope and even everytime doing the same thing over and over feels a lot monotonous.

The times apart sometimes feel like you might have forgotten how to go for romance, appreciate each other. Intimacy is the key factor in every relationship. It is basically based of deep knowledge of each other by spending time together. Which is why long-distance relationship brings lots of challenges to physical and emotional intimacy. Sometimes we feel like we failed to define our partner because we miss a lot of little details in his life. Like which is his favourite television show or is he following the same routine every day or else changed his routine or even a new colleague at work.

Same like the above, even physical intimacy feels like distant. We miss on being physically close to each other like holding hands or kissing, etc. No matter whatever time we get we feel like it is very less and limited for intimacy both emotionally and physically. Some couples are lucky to have their partner, stay only some 3 to 5 hours distance but other’s suffer while being in different states, which takes at least more than a day journey. Here are some tips you can use to spark up a long distance relationship with your partner.

Tips To Spark Your Relationship

1Visit each other

Visit each other

As I said above when we stay in a distance relationship we miss out the most little part of their life. Every time we meet them, we feel like we are seeing a new person. So, whenever you visit him, try to visit his home, instead of taking vacation. By this you might be able to get an insight of his life or his daily life. Most of the time intimacy develops from the deep sense of familiarity with your partner and familiarity starts at home.

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The important thing you can do when you are in a distance relationship is talk. Talk about everything that’s happening in your life, or happening in his life or important happenings or decisions you had to make in your work as well as your daily life.

Also remember that honesty is also an upmost important part. Honestly talk about your physical needs and aspects. It should be given preference in the beginning. A discussion like this can prevent you from jealousy and you don’t have to worry about what he might be doing.

3Video chat

Video chat

Try to video chat with him every day. Even when you are the busiest. Seeing each other daily, even for a small amount of time can help in developing intimacy. Seeing each other can help in building visual communication and familiarity in knowing each other.

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4Be patient

Be patient

In a long distance relationship, patience is a virtue. Most of the time you lack patience when it comes to maintaining a long distance relationship. You have to really focus when it comes to dealing with distance relationship. One simple idea you can try is to keep yourself busy when you are not together. By this you might feel like the time is flying faster and you won’t feel like waiting.

5Always learn

Always learn

In a long distance relationship, no matter how much you try but there will be something you don’t know or something yet to know about your partner. Whether it’s his new favourite drink or a new favourite restaurant or some new favourite movie. You might end up hearing something new almost every day. Try, this not to over power your feelings. You might develop some jealousy when someone your partner works with knows more about him than you.

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6Make an effort

Make an effort

Distance relationship requires more effort in the keeping relationship healthy than other couples. You might have to spend more money on travelling, or talking when you don’t feel like, take out some time when you are very busy. Respecting and recognizing these efforts will make your relationship more intimate and healthy.

7Set an intimacy goal

Set an intimacy goal

When you visit each other, set time for everything you do. For example, one visit is to develop intimacy between both of you, whereas another visit is to meet local friends, and another can be for showing the details of your daily life. Try to have a fulfilling vacation with your better half which will bring you much closer than you were previously.

8Encourage your partner

Encourage your partner

Try to be more encouraging with your partner. Remember that staying alone and away from friends, family and even with you is not easy for him. Encouraging is one of the most important part in a long distance relationship. You can encourage from asking them to be the best they can be. In this way dealing with the distance in the relation becomes a lot easier.

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9Lose the traditional relationship notions

Lose the traditional relationship notions

When you pursue a long distance relationship, the first thing you have to decide is will you be able to handle to the notion of living apart? You have to consider your relationship different from others, and make some less expectation. You have to envision your future together and take a measurable step to stick to the plan.

10Enjoy your time

Enjoy your time

Long distance relationships are difficult, but if you try to focus more on how much you want to spend your every moment with your partner, then you might not be able to appreciate the time you have for yourself. So some things only for yourself and tell your partner all about it. The happier you are with yourself, the more you are happy with your partner as well as with the relationship and it might help you in building intimacy.

11Don’t give up on romance

Don't give up on romance

As the name says try to be as much romantic as possible with your partner. Whenever you meet, try to go on dates, watch a movie together, etc. It will help in keeping your spark alive in the relationship. Try to go for a romantic spa or a picnic, basically keep the effort in believing in romance.

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Most of the you might have seen or heard, couples fighting for small things. May be we find it silly, but remember that fighting with your partner is completely healthy. You can try showing anger by ignoring his calls and text or when he is watching his favourite game disturb him by calling and texting. By this you can make him remember about your presence and involvement in his life.

13Send gifts

Send gifts

Gifts are the easiest way to say anybody that you love them and everybody loves surprise gifts. Gifts are also reminder of commitment to one another. No matter whatever you gift from expensive item to simple, cute greeting cards, gifts, show that you care and remember him in every point of life. You love him for what he is. It will show the small gestures that you make in a relationship and how much you are trying to fulfill the distance.

Keeping a distance relationship is not easy, but you can try to spark the relationship and make a lot of good memories from these.

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