How To Enjoy A Road Trip


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Enjoy a Road Trip

Road trips are one of the most serene thing to do in life. And everybody must try it once in their life. They are awesome, except a little long journey. They are becoming less common these days, Many people prefer to travel by plane or train to reach their destination. But it is not the destination that counts, it is the journey you make, be it alone or with friends or family.

By taking a road trip, you can really understand what it truly means to be alive and how beautiful the world is. Going in a road trip is a life changing experience. You get to meet a lot of people, celebrate and enjoy with them in their functions or occasions. Very few people are lucky enough to travel and more, very few people are lucky enough to go on a road trip with friends or their loved one. Here are few epic tricks to enjoy a road trip, to make the journey memorable.

Tips To Enjoy Road Trip With Friends

1Give yourself time

Give yourself time

The common reason people don’t take a road trip is because they have limited amount of time. They plan everything from the beginning of the destination and they have to reach there in an amount of time. So, most of the time they lose the best part of the journey. The concept of a road trip is to enjoy the journey, not reaching to the destination. This concept switching can sometimes help in looking at things differently and enjoyable.

By this you can stop at random views, you come across that can take your breath away. Try to be in a less hurry to reach your destination, because the best road trip happens when there is no destination to reach in mind.

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2Create a backup plan

Create a backup plan

You might find yourself dealing with little unexpected problems like traffic, a flat tire to repairyour car on a highway, or something simple like not feeling like driving any farther, etc., in almost all the road trips. But don’t let this discouraging thing ruin your road trip. You can always try preparing ahead of time.

You can start by being sure that you have some kind of roadside assistance to help you get back on the road. Vehicles create problems when you least expect them. So sometimes it’s better to be prepared in advance. If you still have any trouble with your vehicle or traffic, try to get into a hotel for that night and start fresh the following morning. Sometimes a little rest will make you forget about all the things that happened throughout the day.

3Get pretty

Get pretty

Avoid packing everything you have in your bathroom. Select your toiletries, according to your destination. For example, if you are going to a beach then you don’t have to pack much. But remember to pack your essential items like moisturizer, mini shampoos, conditioner, comb, toothbrush, floss, toothpaste, deodorant, sunscreen, makeup, sanitary pads, pain relievers, vitamins or any kind of your medication, etc according to your necessities.

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4Try the highways

Try the highways

Try to prefer highways more on a road trip or some village roads which looks old and not big or efficient enough like the modern roads. Through out the journey on those roads all you might find is farm lands, small villages, or sometimes even fields and mountains. This type of roads can be used for your road trip.

You can feel the breeze of fresh air around you and won’t even miss the city long hours traffic.

5Quit the GPS

Quit the GPS

I am not asking you to be unsafe. A prefect road trip should be safe and sound. But there is something more enjoyable and serene about the old-fashioned map travelling. It will give your road trip the perfect adventure, spontaneity and enthusiasm.

Beside when you travel through highway or village back roads, there can be a possibility that Siri or your GPS woman might not be able to find you and give you a hell of a time finding network.

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6Bring good and adventurous company

Bring good and adventurous company

When we think about going on a road trip, we become anxious on whom we can bring to the company. With whom we can share our adventure story. We want our friends to be with us and share the journey with us. But remember whoever you select is as adventurous and enthusiast as you are. Otherwise, you might end up speeding to the destination and staying at the hotel instead of concentrating on the journey.

If you are unable to find someone like you then prefer going on the journey alone. It might get difficult sometimes, but it can be an experience of a lifetime. Discover India as you discover yourself.

7Bring your camera

Bring your camera

If you have a DSLR or a video camera try to bring them for your journey. There is no point in keeping that piece of equipment stored at home for nothing. It’s best to document your adventure and journey. It is ok, if you have less pictures a day or your first journey. You might learn eventually and memories are made when you see them. This document might help you in planning other road trip.

8Bring a journal

Bring a journal

If you are not interested, then you don’t have to. But remember it is not an assignment, so worry less about writing every day. You might not be able to write like a professional travelogue maybe, but you can write down the name of the people you meet, best food you found from certain ‘Dhaba’ or a restaurant beside a highway or something. You might encounter a local occasion or festival, which you have never seen, you can write about it.

By bringing a journal you can write about what you felt in every occasion, or you might get ideas of something else. Just like your journey try to run your imagination wild, free and creative.

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9Stay out of big cities

Stay out of big cities

Try to stay out of big-cities unless and until you need to cross them. They are anti-road trip, you know already what happens in a busy life of a city. Try to stay away from them and opt for an alternative road which can give you an inspiring journey lifetime. Remember that this city hustle-bustle life is what you are trying to get away from.

10Prepare for the unexpected turn

Prepare for the unexpected turn

No matter how much you might have planned for your road trip, sometimes it never goes as you have planned. But when you think about them, this will seem a small problem in the future. So my suggestion is to be prepared and safe.

Things like your vehicle engine died, or one of the tire got punchered or the road you planned to take doesn’t exist anymore or there can be some kind of construction going on and they closed the road, etc can happen unexpectedly and you got caught in a awry. So it is best to follow the wind, and take the next step ahead.

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11Mingle with the locals

Mingle with the locals

While travelling you might find a lot of small villages, or small towns, remember that they operate very differently than the cities. They might not speak your language or understand you. So, most of the time, try to be calm, approachable and friendly. They might not understand your situation and you might have some problem explaining them, but if you show your attitude then you might end up being alone.

Locals are the people who can help you the most when you are on the road trip and road trips are made to know the country more, know more people and get rid of the idea called strangers. Locals can lend you a helping hand with a friendly smile and you can feel like locals instead of strangers in those small towns and villages.

12Fall in love

Fall in love

By this, I mean with the view, with the people, with the town or with the adventure of your journey. Fall in love with the people you never knew your whole life and helped you so much, or maybe fall in love with yourself.

If you fall in love with the road trip, then maybe you can afford all the journey and the problems related with it because love teaches you to appreciate everything.

Remember that all these points are worth following but these are not compulsory. Just go with whatever works for you and try to be safe and prepared. Make a good memorable trip with the backdrop of village life and avoid the tourists trap or city congestion. Keep the road trip philosophy in mind. Don’t be surprised if everyone says that you are changed.

Bon voyage!

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