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money on food

For a lot of us, most of our money vanishes and our monthly budget goes away only for food. Yes, I if you are living outside home, you have the major disadvantage on spending most of your money on purchasing food. None of us should starve and the easiest way to fix that is by buying food from outside, right? No! That’s not how it should work. End of the month, you will have a major money crunch if you end up spending all the money you have for food. What is the best way to save money on food? Well, there is a solution to everything guys! If you save money on food, you will find out that you will be saving a lot towards the end of the month. There are some easy fixes to this! Yes, you now can easily save money without having to do a lot.

Also, the upside to this is that you won’t be eating junk and outside food every single meal. It does save you all the trouble of having junk and feeling irritated about putting on weight. So, to stop all this, we have some easy ways to save money on food and have a healthy living.

Top Ways To Save Money and Live Healthy

1Cook for yourself

Cook for yourself

Cooking is an art, yes! Accepted. But to have a normal living, it is enough if you cook normally. You don’t have to be an artist or a pro in cooking. You don’t have to know special cooking skills for this. Why don’t you try cooking for yourself? It actually isn’t all that difficult guys! None really knows to cook from the first try. Everyone learns. It’s your choice to actually whine about how cooking is difficult or you could just try to attempt at least. It definitely isn’t rocket science guys!

All you need to do is just find a good recipe with the ingredients you have at home and follow it. You will get to know that when you follow the recipe and do exactly as said, it is super easy. For instance, you can at least try hands on easy recipes like sandwiches, maggi, easy side dishes or rice. That way you at least needn’t depend on outside food for every meal of yours. If you really want to save money, this is your best option.

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2Homemade stuff

Homemade stuff

Well, now that I have told you that cooking is an easy fix, I am going to go one step ahead and tell you to make stuff at home itself. Yes, from small items like sauce, hummus, jams etc, you can do everything at home itself. Well, I accept that jams aren’t easy to make and you might as well buy it from outside. But, a spaghetti sauce or hummus is damn easy to make at home.

Try making mint paste which you can actually have anything like eggs, bread, chapathi or even with rice actually. If you have a blender or a mixer at home, your work is damn easy. Go ahead and store these items in the fridge and whenever you feel like making some Italian recipe, you have some basic ingredients ready and done. All you have to do is mix all this and cook it well. You can make varieties out of it and do it according to what you need.

Think about this guys! You save money plus, you also get to choose whatever you want because you are making them. Also, improving your cooking skill is kind of cool and will help you in the future as well.

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3Make a list

Make a list

If your key is to save money, never go into a market without a list. A list is a guide to shopping, that too when you are doing it for the first few times. It is very important that you make a list of things you might need for the week and buy according to the list.

Stick to the List because it is very important for you to understand that without a list, you will not save money at all. You will in fact spend more money than you think. Also, don’t go to the supermarket when you are hungry because that will only make you pick stuff that you wouldn’t need.

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4Compare prices and track discounts

Compare prices

Every newspaper will have at least one discount coupon or a list of discounted grocery stores. You can actually put all that to use by comparing prices and by tracking discounts. If they are on sale, don’t think at all. Go and buy them, but before that just try to do your research. If you want to save money, this is definitely an effective way to do so.

5Leftover saver

Leftover saver

This is something not many follow but if you ask me this is where you can save all your money. Do not throw the left overs. If you don’t know what to do with extra food, store it in the fridge and eat it the next day or think of new recipes to extend the leftovers.

For example, almost stale bread can be processed into garlic bread or a sandwich, leftover mashed potatoes can be turned into patties that you can stuff into a wrap and have, leftover vegetables can be made into a salad and you can make a dip and have it with that. Nothing that is leftover should be wasted.

6Say bye to brands

Say bye to brands

Let’s just put this simple and straight. You are cooking only for yourself and you aren’t really keen about the quantity and quality. Yes, if you are cooking just for one or two people, the maximum thing you will be worried about is the taste and nothing else. So, don’t go for branded items.

If you want to spend less and save money, then go for lesser branded items. Some products you can definitely make this happen. You never know, by doing this, you could really get to know how much you save in a month.

-Pavithra Ravi

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