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Different Trends To Tie a Scarf

Most of us love to wear scarfs or stoles. It gives us the unique fashion sense with our attire. Scarfs are not just for cold weather you can even wear them during summers. Scarfs are amazing and almost all your outfits can go with it. They are one of the best trends you can try every day. No matter whichever scarf you wear, be it thick and cozy for winters or something in simple, light and flowery for summers, scarfs are good to go with every weather.

Scarfs can make your outfit look cuter, if you know how to wear them properly. Most of the time tying a scarf is simple, but the hardest part is choosing which style to wear on a particular occasion. Here are few different trends to tie a scarf or styles and rock your look in every function you visit.

Different Styles To Tie A Scarf

1French Knot

French Knot

It is one of the best and easy way to tie your scarf. To get this look you have to at first fold your long scarf into half, lengthwise. Then loop it around your neck. Take one loose end and go over the loop and then back under. Then again take the second loose end and then go under the loop and back over. Try adjusting the length as you need it and after practicing a couple of times you might get your hang from it.

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2Knotted Necklace

Knotted Necklace

To tie your scarf in the knots necklace way all you need at first is to wrap your scarf behind your neck, then by taking one end of the scarf and wrap it around your hand. Pull the end to make a loose knot and then again take another scarf end and pull it through the side knot, try going under the knot loop and over.

3The Bunny Ear

The Bunny Ear

It is one of the cutest ways to tie a scarf. Try to drape your scarf over your shoulder with one significant end being longer than the other. Try looping the longer end twice around your neck in the same direction. Take the same end you looped around your neck and try fitting through the second loop. Try tying a simple overhead knot with the both ends of your scarf. Try fitting the loops over the knot so that these ends are seen dangling off the loops slightly to the side.

4The Turtleneck

The Turtleneck

Try draping your scarf over your shoulder, with one significant end longer than the other end. Try looping the long end around your neck three or four times (depending the length of your scarf) in the same direction. Then try to don the simple overhand knot with the both ends of your scarf and then later try overhand your knot and get rid of the excess fabric. Try fitting the knot underneath the loop so that there is no excess fabric showing.

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5The Necklace

The Necklace

The necklace or The Waterfall way to tie a scarf is one of the most easiest. You can try draping your scarf over the shoulder, with one significant end being longer than the other and tying that longer end around your neck. Take the longer side end and secure it by the top corner of the other side. Try fitting the top corner of the loop on the other side of the neck. When it is draped properly the unattached side dangles like a Necklace or Waterfall.

6The Magic Trick

The Magic Trick

To show your magic trick scarf knot tries draping your scarf over your shoulder, with one end a slight longer than the other. Then try looping the long end around your neck once. Use the non-looped end tugging at the little bit fabric through the loop which will form a semi circle. Try fitting the looped end through the semi circle and adjusting the both ends to balance out your scarf.

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7The Braid

The Braid

For braided scarf knot, fold your scarf in half, lengthwise. Then drape the folded scarf over your shoulder and the non-folded significant end longer than the folded end. Try fitting the non-folded end into the loop which was created by the folded end, leaving some space at the end of the fold. Then try twisting the folded end over itself, which will form like an “8”. Try fitting the rest of the non-folded end into the second twisted loop. Then try balancing and adjusting your scarf according to your comfort.

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