How to Start Your Own Online Boutique


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Online boutique

Do you want to start your own boutique online? Are you a beginner? Don’t you have any experience in this field? No worries. You need to start with simple steps in order to start your own business. In this article how you can start your own online boutique.

Start an Online Boutique

1Trial Show

Trial Show

Before directly jumping into starting your own website, start selling your products on e-commerce websites like E-Bay. Once you get to know on which product there is huge demand, you can more focus on that particular product and sell it on your website. Even check the price tags. What is the market rate of your product? What are people willing to pay because at the end of the day price is very important? Also, see how much is the customer is satisfied with your product.

2Plan on Boutique

Plan on Boutique

Firstly, do a thorough research on all online stores and how they work. Make sure you have the clear idea of what you want to sell. Whether it can be only clothes or accessories or footwear or lingerie’s you need to decide what you want to sell. After you decide what you want to sell jot down all the points and make a proper plan for your boutique. It will assist you plan to take further steps. Also, you need to figure out the cost and what is your marketing strategy would be like. Decide on the shipping costs, taxes. Do you want to hire employees and what is the cost for making a domain name and web hosting service?

3Target Customer

Target Customer

After deciding what you want to sell, decide your target customers. If you’re selling clothes, then is it woman clothes or kid’s clothes or men’s clothes. Based on who are you going to supply you should focus on the number of stuff you want to sell.

4Domain Name

Domain Name

Before making your own website, you need to decide a good domain name. After you have decided a good domain name, find a good domain registrar. Then, check for domain name availability first. If the domain name is available, you can register the domain name from your desired domain registrar. You will need to have either a bank account, credit card or a PayPal account to pay for the domain. This is necessary for almost all registrars.

Once you register the domain name you need to host the domain or website files. This you can do either from the same domain registrar or need, you can find another best hosting provider. If you do not have a web host, you can always allow your registrar to park your domain name on a temporary website. By doing this you can secure your domain name before other copy it.

5Designing Website

Designing Website

Without a website, you cannot sell online. So make your own website for your online boutique. Nowadays there are many online ways where you can make your own website, you can choose a good layout, and design. Then choose fonts, the information you want your website to have, kind of shopping cart and different payment methods. You need to also include the contact information, customer care number, FAQ, address, Login, Registration, social media and different categories. It totally depends on you how you want your website to look like.

6Merchant Account

Merchant Account

Now, not all customers would like to buy products through cash on delivery. Some would like to pay online. So, for a secure online payment and transaction, you need to set up a bank account with a bank financial institution. This will help the customers to pay through their credit cards.

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Now nothing is free in this world. You need to pay for getting any stuff. So, decide on what will be your investment for your online boutique. If you are beginner fix on the particular amount and don’t exceed it. Decide on how much investment you need to get the domain name, for website registration, for packaging, if hiring employees, etc. All these should be kept in mind before making the investment plan.



Now for displaying products, you need to find a wholesale seller from whom you will buy products. It is fine if you yourself a making the products. If you are buying products, make sure you bargain a lot and come down to the decent price. At the end of the day, you need profits. Does a quality check on all products? Make sure your products are not faulty.

Your customer needs to be happy with products so make sure you sell good products. Once the service of the seller is good you can every time buy the products from him at fewer prices. If it is you who is making the products, you need to jot down the materials you will need and the cost of buying those. And you have to include the making cost in your product price tag.



Now,once your website is ready and your products are in place, you want people to know about your website. So, here comes the promotion aspect.

Use social media to advertise your website. Make a Facebook page so that people know that there is your website and they can buy stuff from there. Once the more customers are attracted to your website you can focus on profits.

You can also start an account and encourage people to “like” and “share” your store’s page in order to spread the word. You can promote your providing discounts and offers to those who share your website. You have to make sure accounts an up to date and all product details are filled with necessary information.