7 Low Calorie Foods For Weight Loss


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Low Calorie Foods For Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight or in the process of losing weight? Have you tried zero-calorie or low calorie foods? The basic theory behind zero calorie or negative calorie is that, they contain so less amount of calories that the energy you use in eating them cancels out the calories, and in some instances, you may end up burning calories as you eat them. These foods can burn more calories during the digestive process. So, here are 7 low calorie foods for weight loss, you can try to get your amazing body.

Best Low Calorie Foods For Weight Loss



Celery is a certain kind of food, that when you eat it you won’t actually feel like you are eating any heavy food, so it is quite natural that it may fall in low calories foods category. It’s stingy nature in the celery, can make it seem like it only exists to hold water in it. Mostly you may find, celery with cream based fillings or peanut butter inside it. Also, if you want to lose weight and keepthe track of the calories, then it is best to avoid cream and butter fillings. It’s total serving per every 100g is 16. It also have total Fat per 100g servings is 0.2g. Potassium is 260mg and Sodium is 80mg and total Carbohydrates of 3g for every 100g servings.

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Oranges are best known for their vitamin C properties, and they also have very low calories, compared to many other fruits. It have 47 Calories, 0.1g fat, 181mg Potassium, 12g Carbohydrates, 0.9g Protein per 100g servings. It can help you in keep your calorie count lower and also if you are trying to create a calorie deficit, then an orange can help you in reaching the goal.



Cabbage is especially known for it’s ability to prevent cancer and heart disease and is also often referred asthe foods that can help in losing weight. It is because of it’s low calorie count, you can burn it off by just going on the normal motions of a day. Cabbage soup is one of the best way to eat cabbage for weight loss. It is also a fillingmeal instead of being on fewer calories. It has 25 Calories, 0.1 g Fat, 18mg Sodium, 170mg Potassium, 6g of Carbohydrates per 100g of servings.

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Mostly asparagus is eaten as a side dish to many meals. It is also a great choice for most of its fibrous nature, which can satisfy your hunger. Eating asparagus, freshly served in a salad is very satisfying, as well as a crunchy treat. Also, be sure to apply less oil or butter if you are grilling or steaming it. As oil or butter can bring the calorie count up. It has 20 Calories, 0.1g of Fat, 2mg Sodium, 202mg Potassium, 3.9g Carbohydrates from 100g of servings.



If you are eating beetrootas a low calorie food, you must stick to fresh beets which you either boil, steam, or grill. In addition with low in calorie, they are quite great for the body. It contains betalains, an antioxidants, which gives its colour is found in very selected foods. It have 43 Calories, 0.2g Fat, 78mg Cholesterol, 78mg Sodium, 325mg Potassium, 10g Carbohydrates, 1.6g Protein for every 100g servings.



As cucumber contains water, it is not surprising that it has very low calories. You can also eat it until you arefull, and it will also keep your calorie intake in a minimum level. It has 16 Calories, 0.1 gram of Fat, 2mg Sodium, 147 mg Potassium, 3.6mg Potassium per 100g of servings.



Try to use it as much as possible in your food and it will help not putting much calories consumed in a day. That is why lemons are considered a very good product for flavouring a glass of water, or even sprinkling on top of any dish to bring the zest. It is also an alkalizing food and the antioxidants can keep you healthy. It have 0.3g Fat, 9.32g Carbohydrates, 1.1g Protein, per 100g servings.

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