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Anger parents

Kids could be a huge disappointment sometimes. The many things kids end up doing could easily irritate parents. It could be totally out of the parent’s hands when it comes to controlling kids at times. Their actions, behavior, decisions, ideas, naughtiness and crankiness can be intolerable and make you lose your grip. You may lose it sometimes, start shouting at them, everyone at home, and get irritated at yourself.

Well, this level of anger can be controlled. All you need to do is to follow certain tips that we are going to give you. What would you do if your child has done something that is not his/her fault? Still hit her/him? Anyway, you have to control your anger and move on right? Parents may sometimes not be able to control their anger. Hitting a child is very wrong and it leaves a great mark on your child’s life as well. They will think of you as a parent who hits them. There will easily be the distance between the two of you and that isn’t what you are expecting from your relationship, right? So, here are some anger management tips for you.

Top Tips for Anger Management

1Chill down

Chill down

Firstly, the most important thing that you should do before even reacting is to child down and calm yourself. Composing yourself is very important in such matters because you don’t want to start shouting even before analyzing what has happened, right? Psychologists say that you shouldn’t lash out in front of your kids because that may leave scary scars on your kids. They may get scared of you and they may never talk to you normally after that. It is better you avoid shouting at the first place. Compose yourself, analyze what has happened and then decide what should be done.

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2Breathe out

Breathe out

A lot of people say that you need to take deep breaths. We are also going to say the same thing. It could be very difficult for you, but remember that when you take deep breathes and release your tension, you will be able to think better. If you are not able to control your anger even after that, you can try something like this – Go to the pillow, take it and lay down and scream into the pillow. Don’t try to talk to your kids when you are still angry.

3Do not scream

Do not scream

Do not start screaming at the ring of your children doing something unhappy. Yelling will not make you better because it is only going to make your head spin. If you still are pissed about the situation, it is better that you consider sending your children to their respective rooms. You can turn your anger into something else like watching TV, going out immediately to breath fresh air. You can convert your anger into anything else.

4Wasn’t on purpose

Wasn’t on purpose

Remember that most of the times, your child might have not done it on purpose! So, give him/her a break. Maybe it wasn’t on intention and may be he/she did it because they thought it was the right thing to do. So, don’t get angry with your children just like that. Remember that your children won’t spill the juice on purpose, babies don’t cry to irritate you and teenagers don’t fail in exams because they want to hurt you. Behind everything, there is a reason or maybe they didn’t do it on purpose. You can make them understand by talking to them or making them understand. Getting angry or beating, the kids don’t help in any manner. The crying only gets more when you raise hands at your kids. If you understand this, you will easily be able to get your anger under control.

5You were a kid once

You were a kid once

You should also remember that you were a kid once upon a time. No kids know everything at that age. Everybody has to make mistakes to understand and learn new things. So, give them the time to learn and make mistakes. Only if they make mistakes, will they understand from it. You wouldn’t have definitely been a quite-silent kid either, right? Your mum would have taken pressure to take care of you too. So, make sure you remember once in a while that you have been there too.

6Help your kids

Help your kids

Talking to your kids regarding their problems would help them. That is one way you can help your kid ease her problem. Don’t jump to conclusions just like that without trying to figure out. Talking to your kids may help you find out what they are going through. When you open up, your kids will open up too. When they open up, you will get closer. It is very important that you get closer to your kid because if you don’t get the chance to be close enough now, you will never be able to close to them later. So, open up and listen to them.

7Teach them

Teach them

Don’t follow the usual method of shouting, screaming and hitting the kids. Teach them and make them understand that certain things are wrong. It is good to teach your kids manners. How to behave and how to talk are two important things your kids should learn when it comes to discipline. So, if you want your children to be disciplined, then teach them how to be. That sure isn’t that difficult at all. All you need to do is just teach them the tricks and they will definitely learn it as and when they grow up.

-Pavithra Ravi

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