12 Inspirational Tattoos For Women- The Finest Reminders


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We keep reminding that life has to go no matter what. Sometimes, we look for our inspiration and sometimes, we be the motivational source for others. What all you do to keep yourself inspired in life? Even tattoos may also inspire you, Inspirational tattoos for women are here to make you compile for you!

Getting an inspirational tattoo is a great idea. If you ask what is so great about getting a tattoo- it will be a reminder and keeps your hopes. At the time of tattooing, you were happy and enthusiastic. And you may not be the same in later time but the tattoo is unchanged. This keeps you reminding that you can fall down but you have to get up.

Here are some of the inspirational tattoos for women. These inspirational tattoos can also be fashionable. You must keep saving your hopes and generate your strength. The listed inspirational tattoos help you to do it a lot.

Inspirational Tattoos With Fashion Elements

You would have many inspirational quotes. When the quotes to be tattoos, it must also be short and sweet. The small quote must a convey and explain something deep. We have made a collection of short and sweet inspirational quotes which can be tattoos.

Have a look of these super inspirational tattoos-

1. Still I Rise

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You must be your own sun shine of everyday. You cannot lose hopes in life. Keep motivating yourself and then look at this “Still I Rise” tattoo. This sounds like a continuation of a big story. Your life story is to be continued beautifully by rising everyday. Do you want to get this inspirational tattoo?

This small tattoo can also get some lovely designs around like floral and arrows as showed in the images.

2. Everything happens for a reason


We keep going low at bad times and later we realize the purpose of the happening. But at the low times, you experience the emptiness and loneliness. We all are in need of such inspiring tattoo which reminds that “everything happens for a reason”. They also have Inspirational tattoos for women which makes people great and fun oriented.

When you see this tattoo, you may not jump high with energy. But definitely breath deep and say yourself- don’t give up!

3. “Free” with a bird

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Everyone needs the freedom to explore and lead their life in own path. This is chilling and inspirational tattoo that you can get.

The no restrictions life is always a happy life. With this tattoo you can feel and experience the freedom happily.

You can get the tattoo on back neck, arms and wrists as it fits in easily. I would love it on my finger. The tiny bird or birds along make the tattoo fashionable. Be a free bird and say sky is the limit!

4. Live the life you love- Love the life you live

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Such a routine saying! Isn’t it? Though it is routine, it is true. You must be and do it. You must change your life if your not loving it. All you need is love for yourself and you life. That is how you can love the life you are living.

This inspirational tattoo coming in infinity design is a brilliant idea. This is something unique to go with. Whats say ladies?

5. Not all those who wander are lost

All That Is Gold Does Not Glitter Tattoos

Everyone faces downs in life and everyone falls down. The inspiration and self motivation picks us up. You got another source of taking inspiration- it is this inspirational tattoo.

This tattoo speaks truth about life. When you wander without any idea in life, it doesn’t mean you are lost. You are still up in life. It is an energy filling tattoo I say!

You can wear this tattoo along with some inspirational designs too.

6. Anchor says “refuse to sink”

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Hope you are in with what this tattoo says! This small quote along with an anchor tattoo is deep enough. As anchor is meant for strength, you can feel like an anchor that never sinks.

Getting an anchor tattoo always is also a way to show that- you don’t choose to give up in life. The anchor tattoo also looks stylish and what else stops you from getting this inspirational tattoo?

7. Live love laugh

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What are you dreams to achieve in life? When someone asks this question, show this inspirational tattoo. The luxuries don’t give you everything. The living life, reasons to love and laugh makes it a meaningful life.

When you get to live, love and laugh, it means you fought and stood in your life. This tattoo is the answer for your life!

8. Mom


Yes! Can find a more inspirational word than “mom”. I don’t think so. Your mom is enough to inspire you in life. The woman who raised you and gave you better life must be your inspiration. Inspirational tattoos for women one must have in their life.

As I feel mothers are inspiration, I felt I should include it in the inspirational tattoos. You can get this inspirational sweet tattoo on little space of body like wrists, fingers, elbow or collarbone.

You can also additionally make it adorable with a heart symbol.

9. Just breathe


You face the situations where you have to take a deep breathe before any action. The uncontrolled emotions shows you like an emotionally weak person. Here is a way to deal it! Just breathe before reacting or before taking a step.

Your anger, fear and many emotions can be controlled with a deep breathe. This tattoo clearly says “Just breathe”.

10. Sunshine


Sunshine wakes us up every morning. The sun must rise to shine and give world a wake up call. Sunshine is all about hopes, new start and dreams. Sunshine tattoo can be an inspirational tattoo in every way.

You can also get a beautiful tattoo and keep it inspirational too. Look at the sunshine tattoo and come up with a new start everyday.

Every woman who is high with positive thinking will love wearing sunshine tattoo for inspiration.

11. Crown tattoo


Inspiration must come from within. Thinking and setting a queen attitude can lead you long way. If you want an inspirational tattoo which also looks stunning, then you can go for crown tattoo.

An intricately designed crowned tattoo is lovely for women. This can be the most beautiful on one side and inspirational on other side. Look at the above image, you may love it!

12. Believe to achieve


Believe to achieve is a super inspirational tattoo. Many of us just take of the challenges even without believing in ourselves. The tattoo reminds that first, you must believe and then you find ways to achieve.

You become a visioned person who will go non stop with belief in yourself. And You will find success that way. Also You must agree with inspirational saying!

Now start believing this tattoo to get it!

There are many ways to treat and lead your life happily. These inspirational tattoos are part of those ways to lead your life. Keep motivating yourself with some tattoo love.


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