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Certain guys

There are certain things in a relationship that are unspoken and hidden from each other. Well, certain emotions and thoughts per se! There could have been many times when you would have wanted your guy to know what you felt, what you wanted and maybe he understands why you are doing certain things in a certain way. You might want a guy who thinks just like you. Let me stop you there! That isn’t always going to happen. Not every guy is like you and can think like you. You might want him to know certain things and that is what happens with guys too.

Sometimes guys just don’t spill it out, but they want you to know certain things as well. They don’t want to explain everything in detail to you and want you to understand effortlessly. Like how you don’t want to explain to the guys, they also don’t want to explain it to you. If you have been wondering what that is, we are going to give you a detailed article on what are the certain things guys want you to know without having to explain everything to you in person.

Here Are Some Things Guys Want You to Know

1Being natural is way sexier

Being natural is way sexier

It is actually that girls who are more obsessed with makeup, eyeliner, hair colors, nail art, eye shadow, hair straightening, short skirts, skinny figure and a lot more. Well, I have just written the first few things that came to my mind and there are so much more to the list. Guys don’t really care a lot for this at all. They always think that being natural is better than being loaded with a lot of makeup and materialistic fashion. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t dress up. Of course, you should dress up, but overdoing it could be something that can be avoided. Guys really want you to know that it is fine to not be in makeup sometimes, it is fine to not wear skimpy clothes sometimes, it is fine to look a little off-beat sometimes. They like it natural! So, be yourself and be natural.

2Girl power and confidence is strength

Girl power and confidence

It is not always you, who think that being powerful and confident is good for you. Guys also want you to know that when they see a girl with energized confidence walking by them, they find it extremely hot and intimidating. They like the feel of it. When you walk into a room filled with men, do you find yourself in a situation, where they feel like being intimidated and you feel good about yourself, well that is your moment then. Just embrace it, love it and enjoy it. The confidence is what the guys love about a girl. So, if you are a self reliant, self confident and you love yourself, that is something what the guys like about you as well.

Here are some things you want the guys to know about you

3He loves his friends too

He loves his friends too

Do you know something? A person without friends is socially abnormal! So, if your guy loves his friends, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. It in fact is good that he spends time with other people and he invests sometime in the friendship. Because nowadays, a lot of men are engrossed into phones, so the fact that he is not, is a good thing. You have friends, right? That is the same thing with guys too. He wouldn’t like you if you are a hindrance to his friendship. It would be better if you can hang around his friends and get to know them better. When his friends like you and appreciate you, they will definitely put in a good note about you as well. That is a plus point for you!

4It is fine to open up about his mistakes

open up about his mistakes

You should know that guys want you to open up when they screw up. You shouldn’t have everything inside of you and burst out one day. Instead, what you can do is speak out the problem. If you didn’t like something, you should definitely say it aloud to your guy so that he doesn’t do the same thing again. But if you don’t tell him and burst out all at once, it isn’t going to a pretty scene at all. So, be frank and tell him openly if you have a problem. Guys do appreciate it.

5Affection is different from sex

Affection is different from sex

The guys want you to know that, showing affection openly doesn’t necessarily have to lead to sex all the time at all. He loves to hold your hands, he loves to kiss you on your forehead when you go out, he loves to make you feel comfortable. He does all this out of affection and not because he immediately drifts off to wanting to have sex with you.

6Never fake anything

Never fake anything

Guys understand criticisms, so don’t fake with them. Girls can get very touchy when it comes to criticisms and learning their mistakes. But guys aren’t like that. Whether you are trying to fake orgasm or trying to fake your feelings, it never ends well with men if you fake it. Orgasms mainly because the sex will get better if you don’t tell the man that you aren’t feeling anything under there! So, be open to him and tell him where he is going wrong. He may have problems at first in adjusting, but once he knows it, everything becomes awesome-er!

7He notices other girls too

He notices other girls too

Yes, let us just cut to the chase here! Don’t you look at other guys when you are still in a loving and committed relationship with your man? Everybody has a turn on when they look at handsome people. So, it isn’t wrong when the guy looks at other girls too. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you. Of course, he does and that is why he is into you. So, don’t judge him immediately if you catch him looking at other girls. Men or Women do like change. So, you can’t blame them!

These things are pretty important among many other things! So, know that guys want you to know these important stuff and they are likely to even tell you more when you ask them in person. So, good luck getting to know more!

-Pavithra Ravi

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