Reasons why Pizzas are better than a Relationship


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Well, who doesn’t like pizzas, right? If you are single and thinking if there is anything better than relationship, we have an answer for you. Yes, pizzas are amazingly better than a relationship.

Have you always thought that there is something missing in the relationship? Have you felt like how much ever you try, you don’t find the real man you are looking for? Well, I would suggest you to stop looking for the man. Relax, sit back and take a break because the more you search, the more you are not going to find it. You can stay guilt free if you have a relationship with your pizzas and ditch the guys for a while. So, girls! Here are some reasons why pizzas are better than a relationship.

Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Pizza over Relationship

1Get whatever you want

Get whatever you want

Whether or not you believe and accept it, we have got to tell you that guys are a bit of complex creatures. Yes, they are complicated and they are fixer uppers too. You can’t expect the guys in your life to come in perfect little packages at all. That never happens at all. They are a bunch of uncertainties and shocks-surprises that can hurt sometimes. But think of pizzas! They are not troublesome at all. All you need to do is order the pizza you like and they deliver it perfectly to you. Pizzas are perfect and you don’t have to wonder if they will have any surprises in them. They are definitely the perfect little things that are packed hot and ready to be eaten.

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2It is always willing

It is always willing

If you look at a pizza, it will never tell you no! It will never tell you to eat something else. It will never tell you that you are making the wrong decision. Pizzas are very willing and they like to give themselves to you. They are uncomplicated and don’t have a fix on certain things. Guys are fixed to certain stuff though. They aren’t like pizzas at all! Guys will tell you what to and what not to do. You can stay single and enjoy your pizza than be stuck in an unwilling relationship.

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3Your looks aren’t a problem

Your looks aren’t a problem

You don’t have to dress up for pizzas! How awesome is that? If you are in your jammies or if you are just wearing your old clothes, pizza doesn’t judge you. Even if your hair is curly, dirty, oily and unkempt, it’s not going to be a big deal at all. You don’t have to wear makeup or lipstick to impress the pizza! You can be yourself with the pizzas. Pizza understands that sometimes its fine to not care. But boyfriends don’t! You have got to look good, dress up, look civilized around your boyfriend. Pizza doesn’t expect you to be perfect at all.

4Pizzas are warm even when they are cold

Pizzas are warm

Pizzas are warm, they look good and make sure they soothe you. Men aren’t warm all the time. The cold stares, the way he looks at you sometimes can seriously turn you crazy, right? Even when a pizza is cold, it will comfort you. Guys will never be able to comfort you when they aren’t in the right mood. Pizzas get you and make sure you are fine. It fills you up and makes sure you are happy when you consume it.

5Pizzas visit you

Pizzas visit you

Everybody makes adjustments in a relationship. Yes, sometimes you don’t want the guy to take the trouble, so you go all the way to meet him. But after a few months into the relationship, guys take advantage of this! They make you understand that their schedule is more important than meeting you. They stop visiting you or they don’t take the efforts to pick you up anymore. They expect you to come and meet them. After a while it gets exhausting and irritating that you have to take the move all the time.

Lets just save all the drama and continue our relationship with pizzas! Pizzas are very understanding. Rain or storm, they love to be delivered to your doorstep. Unless you decide to go out, pizzas don’t force you to come visit them. You won’t have to fight with the pizza for coming late, for traveling or for you being tired of the relationship. It just doesn’t trouble you so much!

6It will always be there for you

there for you

Men leave, pizzas don’t! Simple as that. You might have been left in the alter or maybe on the most special day of your life. Guys always have a reason to leave you. They just don’t find the relationship any better after a while. You might end up feeling that you are not worth enough for the men out there. Don’t worry, chuck the men and go to pizzas. They will never ditch you, they will never give excuses or dump you. The pizza will never stand you up or it will not let you down either. It will always be there with you for you!

Well, the comparison of pizza and relationship is crazy, right? Frankly, I think all the women out there would be able to relate to the comparison, because lets just say ‘It’s a girl’s thing’. So just praise pizzas and love them!

-Pavithra Ravi