Adorable Makeup Techniques For Dry Skin


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Makeup Techniques

Dry skin can become a constant problem when it is on the face, things can also get tricky. You might have hit some rough spots, while you were trying to enhance the natural beauty with the makeup. Try to bring out the skin’s glow, instead of accentuating the imperfections. But we have good news for you, just because you are having dry skin, it does not mean that you can not have a radiant complexion. Even better, it does not need to be at the cost of a fortune! There are many makeup techniques that are coupled with a few essential products that can help to achieve the desired look.

Makeup Techniques For Dry Skin

1Look for liquids and creams

Look for liquids and creams

Any type of creamy foundations as well as blemish concealers can work best for a dry skin. But, before you apply foundation or any other cosmetics, be sure that the products are at least of room temperature. Just like the high-definition primers, there are many high-definition foundations, which are super light, and yet provide maximum coverage that can give a flawless, as well as natural-looking complexion.

With proper tools, the foundations from the jar, stick or even compact it can glide on the skin without much of a hitch. Try to be sure to use brush rather than the fingertips to apply concealer properly, then the foundation. You might want to have two different types of applicators for the concealer and your foundation. A foundation brush is basically gentle and won’t even cause the skin to flake. For a more light coverage, glide through the brush lightly over the face, using downward strokes. For more coverage, try to press the brush slightly, not too heavily, on the skin as you cover the face.

Another makeup techniques is applying beauty balm (a.k.a. BB cream). This amazing multitasking product can not only provide hint of coverage, but can also contain many good-for-skin hydrating ingredients, such as the hyaluronic acid and the vitamin B.

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2Smooth your smacker

Smooth your smacker

Dead, as well as dry skin are unable to hold the moisture, or make your lip gloss. Try the makeup techniquesto exfoliate the lips once every week with a homemade mixture of sugar and some honey. Sugar sloughs off the dead skin, while honey can help to hydrate. You can also try using a damp toothbrush (without toothpaste) to gently scrub of the skin on the lips.

3Choose Liquid Eyeliner

Choose Liquid Eyeliner

Some beauty experts recommend, that people with dry skin must use liquid eyeliner most because eye pencils or even powders can flake away easily and make the fine lines or wrinkles stand out on the face. By using makeup techniques of applying liquid eyeliner, with a very light hand it can accentuate the eyes as well as shift the attention away from the wrinkles or the flaws near the delicate skin around the eyes.

The basic rule of thumb while using mascara is to replace it every three months because it can start clumping as well as becoming contaminated. Remember to be careful while you start using a waterproof mascara because some of them can dry out the lashes. Try to brush the mascara on the lashes with very gentle strokes, starting from the base of the lashes and sweeping out to the tips. It is just one light coat, that is usually needed.

Also remember to save the skin while removing the mascara before you go to bed. Some people use specially formulated eye makeup removers, and other essentials like mineral or olive oil. First close the eyes, and dab some drops of cotton ball, swiping gently across the lids and lashes. Then proceed with nightly facial cleaning regimen.

4Tote instant skin refresher

Tote instant skin refresher

To get a midday moisture boost, always remember to carry a travel-sized hydrating toner. Some spritz over the makeup, it can help to balance the dry skin and keep the makeup from flaking.

5Never skimp on moisturizer

Never skimp on moisturizer

Moisturizing the skin properly is the No. 1 key on getting makeup in a dry skin. Try to use facial products that is made for dry skin, cleaning the face, then moisturizing three to five minutes prior to applying any cosmetic foundation. Makeup artists as well as beauty experts also recommend slathering a layer of makeup primer, that can add a protective barrier while eliminating the dry patches from the skin and allowing the makeup to stay put nicely.

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