Glitter Makeup Ideas For Beginners

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Do you want your eyes to sparkle? Wearing eye makeup that contains glitter can increase the glam factor in a major way. Glitter is also a fun way to dress up the everyday look. You can always choose to make your look subtle, or even use it as a more focal point of the whole makeup scheme. So here, are some makeup ideas and techniques on how to wear glitter makeup, properly without spreading.

Makeup Ideas And Techniques With Glitter

1Choosing the right product

Choosing the right product

To create smoky eyes by using glitter shadow is one of the a great way to create a sultry, as well as dramatic look and is one of the best makeup ideas. There is a very wide range of glitter eye-shadows are available in the market to choose from. One most important thing to consider is of which color of eye shadow did you want. For example, if you are trying for a more subtle look, then try a shadow which can closely match your natural skin tone. This method can make your eyes sparkle.

If you just wantto highlight the eye color, even then the glitter eye-shadow can help you on that. To make your brown or black eyes pop, use a cream shade. To make the green eyes glow, try a shadow with reddish tint.

Any type of these color palettes, can be used to create smoky eyes. Gray is another great color for smoky eyes, and it also works on all the skin tones.

Glitter eye makeup also comes in many different forms. You can even buy eye shadow pencils, powders, as well as gels. If you are trying glitter eye shadow for the first time, try using eye shadow palette. It can let you experiment with many multiple shades. Just the start of the question on how to wear glitter makeup.

How To Get Attractive Glittering Makeup

2Gather your supplies

Gather your supplies

Once when you have selected right glitter shadow from the makeup ideas, then it is the time to achieve the look which you have wanted. Take couple of minutes, just to be sure that you have everything that you need. To start with, you may need the eye shadow and a tool that can help you to apply it.

You can also apply the eye shadow using your finger, or a sponge, or a brush, or even a Q-tip. Some people may prefer using a silicone brush as it can be sturdier and can be also better to handle the weight of the glitter shadow.

Also have some tissues nearby, as it can help you to clean up any of the stray glitter. Also be sure to have a gentle eye-makeup remover, handy for just in case you need to remove the eye shadow and then start over.

3Use primer

Use primer

A primer is generally a base, which you can apply before putting it on the actual makeup. It is typically clear liquid, but it sometimes is available in powder or even gel form. By using your finger, apply a very small amount of shadow primer to each of the eyelids. It can help to create a smooth palette for the shadow and then make it last more longer.

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4Apply the base shadow

Apply the base shadow

Once when your eyes and the tools are ready, then it is time to put on the glitter shadow to your eyes as per the makeup ideas. You can try by using several different types of shades to create a more dramatic effect.

Now you can begin just by applying a charcoal gray shadow. Remember to use a medium sized brush to cover the lid with eye shadow. Then, you can use a slightly dark shade to color the inner as well as the outer corner of the eyes. It can help to highlight them.

5Use multiple colors of glitter shadow

Use multiple colors of glitter shadow

Applying different shades can create a smoky look. By using a brush, apply a very thin line of the dark shadow across the crease of the eyelid. This can help to create a smoky effect.

Remember, that it is easy to add more number of shadow than taking it away. Try to start with less number of shadows than you might need. You can always apply more shadows later.

First try to blend the colors. Blending, complimentary colors can help to create a softer, yet dramatic, look. For this step, you can also use either the finger or even a brush. Try to smudge lightly, each of the colors, so that they no longer get sharply defined.

6Color the bottom lid

Color the bottom lid

To get a true smoky eye, all you need is just to focus on the lower eyelid after the top is done. Try to use a gun metal shade for the step. Then use a small, as well as firm brush and then press the shadow along the lower lid line.

To keep your look from being too much severe, you can use a very light silver shadow that can lighten the overall effect. Then place a very small amount in inner corner on each of the eyes.

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