How To Get Attractive Glittering Makeup?


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Glittering Makeup

Pulling off the glitter trend can become a little hard, but by wearing glitter makeup you will feel like rocking it with ease as well as confidence. Glitter is not just for little girl dressing up, in fact, it is a trend nowadays. But if you want to have fun while wearing glitter makeup, then try to keep some simple points in your mind and you will be sure to get great compliments. So here, are some secrets of glittering makeup for your eyes, that you must keep in mind while wearing eye makeup.

Eye Makeup Tips

1Beware of Glitter Overload

Glitter Overload

Glitter overload can be very intense, and it is also easy to get carried away. Not only it is powerful, but it can also sometimes be very messy or even irritating when worn on the sensitive areas, like your eyes. So always be wary of how you can apply, and how much you apply.

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2The Cardinal Rule of ONE

The Cardinal Rule of ONE

Try to keep it to one specific area. If you are wearing glitter eye shadow with glitzy nails, glitter lip gloss, as well as body glitter can make you look like, that you popped out of the arts as well as craft box. To avoid this chaos, first try to decide on the area that you want to be “glitterified,” and then stick to it!

3Try a Couple Different Options

Try a Couple Different Options

While keeping the first two points in your mind, you must also feel free to try out all the different options that are there. Nowadays, glitter makeup has taken many types of forms. There are like eye shadows, glosses, eyeliners, nail polishes, and also scented shiny body powders. Try to experiment with the possibilities there and find the favorite way to flaunt your glitzy glitter look.

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4Make Sure It is Appropriate for the Occasion

Make Sure It is Appropriate for the Occasion

If you are planning to go out for a party or even a night with your girlfriends, then you can try glitter makeup, as they definitely can be a fun to try. But, for some things like business meetings, or with any professional surroundings, or even spending time with your boyfriend, you might need to keep off from all the sparkly stuff. However, sometimes glittery nail polish or even lip gloss can be okay, if you are planning to just add some fun to your look.

5Apply It Properly

Apply It Properly

If you are planning to use loose glitter as your eye shadows, try to simply put it on the eyelids without any type of setting agent, as it can cause you major fallout as well as eye irritation. So in the beginning itself, spray the makeup applicator in the brush or in any makeup setting first, then dab them into the glitter, and apply to the eyelid. It’s even better, try to get glitter gels instead of the powders. They can save you from the mess as well as hassle.

6Coordinate with Your Outfit

Coordinate with Your Outfit

Glitter makeup can be a statement all by itself. So try to refrain yourself from wearing too much of accenting “bling” or any other glitter accessories. Same also go for more sparkly pieces of clothing or even shoes. If you are choosing a more sparkly top or even dress, you can opt for more subtle accents in makeup, and vice versa. Your goal is just to look glamorous and not like a hot mess of sparkles.

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7Touch Ups

Touch Ups

No matter whatever you do, makeup has a habit of wearing off or even changing throughout the day. Even if you are using a setting agent, glittery makeup can try to eventually find its way to spread. So always stay mindful of how the makeup is holding. Always use a setting spray to complete your look just for extra precaution. Then dust off loose, or unruly sparkles throughout the day to keep the makeup chic, as well as glamorous.