Habituate for the Benefits of Mint Leaves

Benefits Of Mint Leaves

Pudina or Mint leaves are herbs that provide oral freshness. It can be used to add in your cup of tea, or to make ‘Pudina ki chutney’ or even as a salad seasoning. It brings a unique flavour in anything you cook. But it also have numerous health benefits, apart from dressing and seasoning in food.

As a herb, it helps in proper digestion, reduces weight, cure headache or nausea, stops period cramps and gives an effective cure for skin problems. It helps in maintaining oral health. There are hundreds of varieties and two dozen species of Mint. It has been used for years for its medicinal properties for remarkable benefits. Scientifically it is known as Mentha. Mint has been the base element for products like chewing gum, candy, toothpaste, inhalers and breath fresheners.

Here are some of the benefits of mint leaves.

Amazing Benefits of Mint Leaves

1Improves Digestion

Improves Digestion

Mint leaves or Pudina is a great stomach cleanser and an appetizer. It helps in promoting digestion properly. When your stomach is upset, a cup of mint tea gives a lot of relief. Long distance travelers who get nausea or motion sickness while travelling by plane or boat, menthol oil can be very soothing.

The herbs aroma boost the salivary glands, that help in secreting digestive enzymes, which facilitates digestion. This is why mint is used more in culinary arts. In the western world, mint is an element in appetizers or palate cleansers, which is to be eaten before food.

It consists of phytonutrients and antioxidants, which is very good for the stomach. The presence of menthol in mint helps digestion by promoting necessary enzymes. It relaxes the stomach muscles, by reducing indigestion and spasms.

It is also famous for beating acidity, gas or stomach cramps. By drinking a cup of mint tea after every meal can result in maximum benefits.

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2Relief from Headache & Nausea

Relief from Headache Nausea

Mint leaveshelp in a great deal in relieving nausea and headache. Strong aroma of mint is quick and effective relief giver. Some people have menthol oil or mint flavoured products handy all the time, to heal nausea. For a headache, balms with mint, or basic menthol oil is rubbed in forehead finds very helpful. It has natural soothing substance to alleviate the increase in temperature.

3Stops Period Cramps

Stops Period Cramps

Mint is very useful in calming down menstrual cramps. It purifies the blood which has an anti-spasm effects on our body. It also effect in relieving nausea related with the cramps. Sipping mint tea throughout the day, several times, helps in the process. The Uterus will soothe and becomes calm.

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4Morning Sickness For Pregnant Women

Morning sickness of pregnant women

Morning sickness of pregnant women can be relieved with the aroma of Mint leaves. It activates the digestive enzymes and helps in removing nausea causing morning sickness. By just smelling crushed leaves or even eating a few will help would-be-mothers to overcome the period.

Note: Consult your doctor before taking any medications. This must not be consumed after the baby is born.

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5Cure Pimples

Cure Pimples

Mint oil, have antisepticand anti puretic material in it. It’s juice is also an excellent skin cleaner, cure infections, itchiness and soothes skin. It reduces pimples and gives relief from acne symptoms. It can even cure insect-bites like mosquitoes, wasps, gnats, hornets and honeybees, because of its antiseptic properties. Mint’s anti-inflammatory nature will bring down the swelling and cures scratching sensation because of the cooling relief. Citronella candles, used as a bug repellent product, have mint oil as a basic component.

It has anti-bacterial properties that are very effective for acne prone skin, and also being used as a toner, lip balms, and cleansers. The presence of anti-oxidants will rehydrate dry and dull skin and gives a natural glow.

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6Reduce Weight

Reduce Weight

Apart from all the benefits, it also helps you in reducing weight. Mint stimulates the digestive enzymes, that absorbs nutrients and turns it into a usable energy. Which means, by including mint in your diet, it will convert fat into energy

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7Helps In Dental Care

Helps In Dental Care

Mint is also very benefiting for improving a person’s oral health. It has germicidal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities that, improves and freshen breath. It impedes bacterial growth, by cleaning the teeth and tongue. It is used to be rubbed directly on the gums and teeth to refresh and eliminate harmful growths inside the mouth. Nowadays, mint is included in the toothpaste for the same reason. Chewing the leaves is the easiest and best way to keep oral health.

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