Age old beauty therapies that work like magic


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age old therapies for skin

Beauty is always a well discussed topic anywhere and everywhere. When it comes to beauty hacks, we always remember what our moms and grandmoms had to tell us. We always follow them even though they don’t sound the best to us. But have you wondered how we are stuck to the new age beauty styling techniques and have actually forgotten on the old techniques and the tips that our grandmoms used to give? Well, age old beauty therapies have always proved to be pretty successful and have worked out a great deal for our skin. Just that we don’t have the time and the patience to do any of it. So, today with no further delay, we are going to tell you on how to start your weekend with these simple beauty therapies that have been rooted from our grannies and our moms.

Well, all you need to do is to enjoy being simple and give up on the cosmetic usage of these skin and hair products. So, without any further delay, let me explain to you the various techniques and age old therapies for skin that you can use to revive your skin.

Here are Some Top Age Old Beauty Therapies

1Cucumber slices

Cucumber slices

Cucumber! Well, yes, apart from eating the vegetable, this also does really good for the skin and gives you extra shine. The basic positive thing about a cucumber is that it cools your body and regenerates your skin. It drains all the water from your face and keeps your face shining. Since cucumber is rich in water content, it will keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. All you need to do is just place cucumber slices on your face or eyes and wait for it to drain all your puffiness. A tired evening can definitely put up a glowing skin if you use cucumber slices.

2Tea bags

Tea bags

Tea is a good substitute for face creams and eye creams. If you aren’t getting enough sleep and you need to wake up your eyes, all you need is 2 tea bags. Tea is actually very rich in vitamins and acts as an anti-oxidant which sucks out all the bad vitamins and provides your eyes with the much needed glow. Since tea can heal the puffiness as well, you can use tea bags on your eyes to reduce the bulging appearance and make it totally bright and beautiful.

3Lemon and honey

Lemon and honey

Didn’t your mom always remind you about this combination of lemon and honey? Well, she kept doing that because both lemon and honey have something in common. Yes, they have Vitamin C which helps in brightening your skin and keeps it away from scars and heels cuts. Lemon has the amazing power to brighten your skin and also helps in fading off the blemishes. Honey, on the other hand keeps your face and skin hydrated and makes your skin look plumper. You can use rose water to mix these two ingredients since rose water has mild peroxides that subtle the bleaching effect on your skin. All you need to do is apply this mixture once or twice a time during the day or night. Your skin will automatically regain its power and beauty.

4Oil massages

Oil massages

Did you know that oil massages actually help your skin in stimulating blood flow and eases all the stiffness and keeps your skin neat and firm? The whole point of getting a massage done is because you want your skin to be extremely healthy and smooth. Oil massages actually are a great help when you try to lose weight on your face. Actually speaking, if you want a thinner face shape, you can go for oil face massages in the parlour or get one done at home also. All you need to do is find the right kind of oil for your face and massage your face regularly. You can always learn the strokes online. It has a long-term effect on your skin and your face shape. You don’t really need a specific reason to get a massage done because no matter what you say, massages feel amazing.

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5Gram flour

Gram flour

A lot of women have hair growth on their face, skin, hands, armpits and various places. This is one of the most age old therapy used in the book of beauty. If you have always noticed extra hair growth on your skin, then use gram flour. You can actually start this even on your sister or child because it has no side effects at all. One spoon of gram flour and some turmeric mixed with coconut oil or olive oil or rose water can make the pack. Just apply the mask on your face or wherever you might require. Scrub the pack in a gentle circular motion and try to keep it for long hours without washing it. The best part about gram flour is that it even brightens your skin. So it is a two in one option.



Turmeric in any form is good for health. Whether you prefer to drink turmeric milk or you prefer to apply the same pack on your face, it works magic when it comes to skin clean up. Turmeric has something called the curcumin which helps the skin exhibit melanin which is not good for your skin. The milk will soothe your skin and make it look totally bright and beautiful. Usage of turmeric everyday can also arrest the excessive growth of hair on your body.

Skin and beauty go hand in hand. If you really follow these age old therapies, your skin can blemish and become super awesome. Share with us more tips if you have something to add.

-Pavithra Ravi