Benefits Of Sandalwood Oil For Anti Aging


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Sandalwood Oil For Anti Aging

The Sandalwood essential oil is extracted through the distillation pieces of the wood from the matured Sandalwood trees which are about 40 to 80 years old, although 80 years old trees are more preferred. The older the tree is, the more amount of oil is available, and the aroma is also much more stronger.

As far as the quality is concerned, Indian Sandalwood is considered among the best. There are also two more varieties, that are known as Hawaiian Sandalwood, which is quite very expensive, and Australian Sandalwood which is not that overly beneficial, but can also commercially be used, since the first two varieties are very rare and subsequently expensive; the Indian variety of sandalwood is on its verge of extinction and is also exorbitantly expensive. The main constituent of this essential oil of sandalwood are known as Beta Santalol, Santyl Acetate and Santalenes.

For many centuries, sandalwood has reserved its own place of dignity as well as respect in many civilizations and religions in the world, especially in Hinduism, where it is considered holy and is indispensable in all of the social as well as religious rituals and ceremonies, from birth of a person until their death. It is used to offer to the various Hindu gods as well as goddesses, and also use in decorating the babies on their birthdays, in marriages to decorate the brides and bridegrooms, mixed with flowers and many other ceremonial offerings, used to embalm bodies as well as foreheads which is a common practice among the people of many communities in India, and it is also being used to burn with the pyre when cremating the dead.

Sandalwood oil as well as the paste of sandalwood is being used in the medicines, skin as well as beauty treatments and many numerous industrial products including the mouth fresheners, incense sticks, edibles, room fresheners, perfumes, deodorants, lotions, soaps, and creams. So here, are some sandalwood oil for anti aging and health benefits that must be known.

Health Benefits Of Sandalwood Oil:

a. Antiseptic:

The sandalwood oil is known to be a very good antiseptic agent. It is considered safe for both internal as well as external application. When it is ingested, it can help to protect all the internal wounds and ulcers from the infection. When it is applied to the skin, it can protect the wounds, boils, sores, and pimples from developing infections or from becoming septic.

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b. Anti-inflammatory:

Both the sandalwood oil and its paste are considered very effective as an anti-inflammatory agent. They can give a nice cooling effect and can also provide relief from all the type of inflammation in your brain, nerves, digestive, circulatory, as well as excretory systems, that also result from the infections, side effects, fevers of antibiotics, insect bites, poisoning, or wounds. Sandalwood is particularly beneficial in certain cases of the nervous and circulatory inflammation.

Anti-inflammatoryc. Astringent:

Although it is very mild, this oil has some effective astringent properties which can help to induce the contractions in gums, muscles as well as skin. This can prove beneficial in the term of strengthening, the gums hold on the teeth, the strengthening of muscles, as well as tightening of the skin.

d. Disinfectant:

It has the disinfectant property that can justify its use in religious ceremonies as well as cosmetics. Its fragrance help to keep away the microbes as well as small insects, which is the reason on why it is extensively used in the incense sticks, sprays, fumigants as well as evaporators to disinfect larger areas. Moreover, sandalwood oil can also be mixed with the bathing water or other lotions or oils to apply on your skin and wounds to ensure the protection from infection. This oil can also be taken safely with milk to cure all the internal infections, such as those of esophagus, throat, intestines, stomach, as well as excretory tracts.

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Disinfectante. Memory Booster:

It can help to improve the memory as well as stimulate the power of concentration. It keep the brain cool and relaxed, and saves from an undue stress as well as anxiety.

Sandalwood Oil For Anti Aging

1. Get A Bright, Clean As Well As Flawless Skin

Clean As Well As Flawless SkinBasically it is a time-tested remedy that sandalwood can help to soothe the skin and prevent from itches as well as rashes.

Why It Work:

Sandalwood has always been known for its amazing skin-friendly cleaning properties. It can act as a cicatrizant and soothe the skin. If you have ugly scars, spots, blemishes or eczema on the skin, then this oil can help you to get rid of them quickly and prevent from recurrence. It is also an effective astringent which can tone the skin and rejuvenate it perfectly. People who have dry skin can bring their skin back to life with just a simple drop of this essential oil.

2. Cures Skin Infections And Itching

Cures Skin Infections And ItchingThe presence of cooling effect in this oil can bring down all the itchiness of the skin, and help to get rid of infections pretty easily.

Why It Work:

Sandalwood oil is also known to reduce the inflammation as well as eruptions of the skin. It is non-sticky which can make it a convenient product for the use in summer. You can try out the sandalwood oil on your itchy skin as well and experience its soothing effect. Sandalwood oil can help to reduce the skin itching and has a more calming effect on the skin. This solution is widely used to cure eczema.

3. Prevents Skin Aging

Prevents Skin AgingIt is not a easy way to prevent the skin from aging. With age, the skin begins to show the signs of aging. No doubt that there are many brands who claim to keep the skin youthful. But most of the skin products are expensive as well as unaffordable.

Why It work:

Sandalwood oil is not that an expensive product, and its effect can be long-lasting.

Sandalwood is basically high in antioxidants which can help to reduce the damage that is caused because of the free radicals, which demote aging. Adding five drops of sandalwood essential oil to the unscented lotion and apply it directly on the face for anti-aging benefit.

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If you start using this oil as soon as you notice the first sign of skin aging, it can do a great deal of difference. Even your affected skin can get younger with just the touch of sandalwood oil. The regular use of sandalwood can reduce the lines and scars on the skin. It is also helpful to use lightening the scars as well as stretch marks.


Mostly there is no much risks that have been associated with the sandalwood essential oil, except that it has been recommended not to use raw on your skin. For the application on your skin, it must be mixed with some kind of carrier oil.

How To Make Sandalwood Oil For Anti Aging:

Sandalwood Oil For Anti AgingIngredients:

a. One cup of carrier oil, like olive oil or jojoba oil
b. One fourth ounce of sandalwood powder
c. Saucepan with lid
d. Jar with lid


a. First preheat the oven at 100 degree Celsius.
b. In the saucepan, pour a cup of carrier oil and stir the sandalwood powder.
c. Cover the saucepan and put it in oven, allowing the sandalwood and oil to cook for two to four hours. Remember to check frequently and stir to prevent from burning.
d. Now strain the mixture in a jar by using a cheesecloth.