10 Tips To Keep Lips Soft, Smooth, Kissable Naturally Overnight At Home


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Tips To Keep Lips Soft

Soft, smooth and luscious lips are what everybody want to have. But somehow, we end up with exactly the opposite way. If you are thinking on why your lips are dry, chapped, as well as pigmented – then there are a lot of things that can cause these problems. But it do not mean that, is the way your lips must be. With a few simple homemade remedies you can get softer, smoother, and pinker lips. So here, are some tips to keep lips soft, smooth, kissable naturally.

Tips To Keep Lips Soft, Smooth

1. Lip Balm And Toothbrush

Lip Balm And ToothbrushIngredients:

a.Lip balm with in a thick consistency

b.Soft-bristled toothbrush


a.First apply a thick layer of lip balm to the lips. Then leave it for a while, so that the lips can easily absorb the moisture. This also make exfoliating much more easier.

b.With a toothbrush, try to gently massage the lips in circular motions.

c.Then dip a washcloth into the warm water and wipe off all the lip balm.

d.In it apply a very thin layer of balm if your lips feel dry.

e.Try to exfoliate your lips, in this process once in a week.

Why It Work:

Regular exfoliation can help to remove all the dead cell layer, leaving your lips feel moresoft. It help with the pigmentation, since the topmost layer of the cells get pigmented due to the exposure to the sun, pollution, and many other factors.

Caution: Exfoliating too much can abrade the lips, and leave them raw as well as exposed. Be sure that you do not scrub too often or even for too long.

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2. Honey And Lemon Juice

Honey And Lemon JuiceIngredients:

a.One teaspoon of honey

b.Half a teaspoon of lemon juice


a.First add the lemon juice to honey and mix them well.

b.Then apply this pack to the lips and keep it on for about 15 minutes.

c.Slowly wipe off with a washcloth and then follow up withsome moisturizing lip balm.

d.You can also use this lip pack everyday.

Why It Work:

Lemon is quite popular for its lightening properties and with the regular use you can remove the pigmentation, leaving you with a pink lips. Honey, on the other hand act as a humectant, moisturizing your lips as well as keeping them soft and supple.

3. Olive Oil And Sugar

Olive Oil And SugarIngredients:

a.One tablespoon of olive oil

b.One tablespoon of granulated sugar


a.Put the sugar as well as the olive oil in a jar, and using a spatula, to mix them properly.

b.Then scoop out a little mixture, gently scrubbing the lips in circular motions.

c.Slowly wipe off with a damp washcloth and moisturize the lips with a lip balm.

d.You can use this scrub once or even twice in a week.

Why It Work:

The sugar can help to remove all the dead cells which can make your lips dry as well as pigmented. The olive oil can moisturize, leaving the lips smoother and softer.

4. Beetroot Balm

Beetroot BalmIngredients:

a.Two tablespoons of olive oil

b.One tablespoon of beeswax pellets

c.One tablespoon of shea/cocoa butter

d.Half a teaspoon of beetroot powder


a.First place the beeswax, shea/cocoa butter as well as the olive oil into a glass jar.

b.Then heat some water into a saucepan, and place the jar in it. Then keep stirring the content till they properly melt.

c.In it add the beetroot powder, and stir so that the mixture looks even.

d.Later transfer the lip balm in a container and let it cool down and set properly.

e.Then use it with the help of a lip brush.

f.You can apply this balm as often as you want or need to.

Why It Work:

Beetroot will leave a lovely reddish stain on the lips, and it can help you to reduce the pigmentation. This happens because of the presence of vitamin C in the beetroot. The olive oil as well as the shea/cocoa butter can moisturize the lips and the beeswax can help to keep the lips hydrated for really long time. It can really help you to get more natural pink lips without applying any lipstick.

5. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera GelIngredients:

a.One aloe leaf


a.Peel off all the outer layer of the aloe leaf to get the gel.

b.Then scoop out the gel and store it in a container in a refrigerator.

c.Use it as a lip balm.

d.Aloe vera gel can also be used many a times a day as per your wish.

Why It Work:

Aloe vera is very soothing, so it can help the chapped and irritated lips. It can stimulate the growth of new skin cells, as well as helps with the damage that is caused by the sun.

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6. Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate JuiceIngredients:

a.One cup of pomegranate seeds


a.First place the pomegranate seeds into a blender and blend them properly.

b.Using a strainer, remove all the juice from the pulp.

c.In it dip a cotton wool and apply to the lips. Then store rest of the juice in the refrigerator.

d.You can use the pomegranate juice on your lips every single day.

Why It Work:

Pomegranate juice can help to lighten the pigmented lips. It contain a compound known as punicalagins that can inhibit the melanin production and stop your lips from getting darker because of the exposure to the sun.

7. Rose Petals

Rose PetalsIngredients:

a.Six to seven rose petals

b.Half a cup of milk


a.First soak the rose petals into the milk over the night.

b.Then strain the rose petals, and mash them.

c.In it add a few drop of milk to the petals and apply to the lips.

d.This lip balm can be used every day, as an overnight treatment.

Why It Work:

Rose petals are also anti-inflammatory in nature, and they can help to nourish the lips.

8. Chocolate Lip Treatment

Chocolate Lip TreatmentIngredients:

a.One teaspoon of cocoa butter

b.Half a teaspoon of chocolate chips

c.One vitamin E capsule


a.First melt the chocolate chips as well as the cocoa butter into a double boiler.

b.In it add a vitamin E capsule to the chocolate balm.

c.Then Pour the balm into a container, and allow it to cool before you use.

d.You can use this balm as often as you need, whenever the lips feel dry.

Why It Work:

Dry lips are quite very difficult to contend with. But do you know that dryness can darken your lips? Cocoa butter can help your lips to retain the much-needed moisture in the Chocolate, which is rich in the antioxidant resveratrol, inhibit the melanin production that can prevent the darkening of the lips.

9. Glycerin And Lemon

Glycerin And LemonIngredients:

a.Two to three drops of glycerin

b.Two to three drops of lemon juice


a.Mix the glycerin as well as lemon juice.

b.Then apply the mixture to the lips for an overnight treatment.

c.You can use this every single daily.

Why It Work:

Glycerin is considered as an excellent moisturizer and it also work great on keeping the lips supple. Lemon on the other hand has bleaching properties which can help to reduce the pigmentation.

10. Coriander Lip Treatment

Coriander Lip TreatmentIngredients:

a.Three to four coriander leaves


a.First crush some coriander leaves and apply it directly to the lips.

b.Then keep it on for about 30 minutes and wipe it off with a damp washcloth.

c.This process can be done every day.

Why It Work:

Coriander can help to reduce the pigmentation, because of all the presence of a compound called umbelliferone. Regular use of coriander can help to reduce the darkening on the lips and leave them more pink.

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