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Different Kinds Rings

Do feel like decorating your fingers, with lots of rings? But not sure, whether they will go with your office wear, or with your casual wear, or anything that you are going to wear? Rings, too come as the most important accessory for your everyday wear. It is, of course not compulsory, to wear a ring only if you are married. You can wear them anytime you want. No matter, any reason you prefer or without any reason at all. But, I know the confusion is real, like which ring to wear with what type of dresses. So, here are the few different kinds rings along tips and tricks you can use to wear your favourite type of ring with your attire and mix and match your style.

Tricks To Wear Rings

1Plain ring

Plain ring

This type of plain steel or platinum rings, is what every office wears women need to accessorize with. It is the best, and looks gorgeous on the hands of the wearer. It can give you the strict office aspect. Plus, when anyone notices your ring, it will indicate them your sense of maturity or understanding.

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2Funky rings

Funky rings

Funky rings, are the best part when you are going on a date or when you are out with friends. It can involve two or more rings, in your one or more fingers. These types of rings generally have big and different designs. Just like the image, it is a cool and funky look. It can give you the variation you want to wear. You can try, anything with these rings. Any kind of funky attire look, will go with this.

3Delicate gold ring

Delicate gold ring

These gold rings, are not as delicate as they might sound. But are quite exquisite. As you know, you can make them in any design you want and wear them with whatever you want. These rings, can look mesmerizing, with anything. That means you can wear them, to your office or with your casual wear or anything similar.

4Bronze rings

Bronze rings

These bronze or copper rings, are beautiful rings you can try with any of your dresses. You can wear a single ring to your office, or you can accessorize all of them, with your casual wear. Either way, it goes all the way around. So, make sure you have a pair of these bronze rings, stored in your wardrobe.

5Funky single rings


These funky rings, are one of the best ways to look casual. These rings are available in many colours in the market. You can try them in your office party, or in that matter any kind of party, or a casual evening with friends, husband, or boyfriend.

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6Full finger ring

Full finger ring

These rings, are adorned in your finger, they look gorgeous, be it casual or party or anything. You can find these type of rings in gold, silver, or any metal of your choice. There are many funky full finger rings available in the market too, which can add more to your gorgeous casual attire.

7Bold big rings

Bold big rings

These types of rings have bold, and big designs with them, which makes them look more funky and gauche. You can find them in many shapes, and sizes as well as colours, and designs. They are best to wear with funky casual dresses or attires.

8Dual rings

Dual rings

These are joined in together, and attached on top with a single design. Like in this picture above, you can find many like this in a variety of shapes, and sizes in the market. You can also find them in different kinds of designs and with metals of your choice.

9Thumb ring

Thumb ring

Thumb rings, are the most unique and different kind of style. You can wear them with any attire and at any place. You can find them in any shapes, sizes, and metals of your choice. Want a thumb ring to go with your office attire? Then go with simple single gold rings or want something funky then try with something which have funky designs and shape. The above picture ring can be wearable with office attire.

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