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Accessorize Your Watch

Watches come as a one of the most important accessory for women to wear, it every day. It can give you the classy look anywhere you go. It can boost up your any trendy look, is it casual or office or party.

There are many types, designs and styles of women’s watch. Generally, while selecting a watch we consider the purpose and function of the watch. Watches are designed according to the fashion trend of today’s generation. There are watches like belt watch; where the strap is made of belt, chain watch; here the strap is designed to different kind’s metals, bracelet watches; in this the watch is designed and attached with different bracelets or designer belts which makes it a unique and abstract piece of art, sports watch; here the watch is basically digital and can show your workout time, heart beat or pulse rate, etc. The price of these watches vary greatly. It depends on the type and brand of watch you are buying.

While selecting a watch remember to decide why you are buying it for, which occasion does it simplifies. If you want something for regular use, buy a watch that is durable and sturdy, the face or the screen has scratch resistant surfaced and also the wristband doesn’t come apart easily. There are many types of watches that are very delicate and are not at all made for daily wear. Here are a few styling tips on how to accessorize your watch with your clothes.

Tips On Styling Your Watch

1Chain Watches

Chain Watches

There are various types and styles of chain watches available in the market. Some watches are made of thick chains and have big and thick width straps, whereas some are simple and sometimes made of single chains consisting of a thin width strap. These watches can give you a classic office look, whereas thick chain straps can be worn outside with friends or family. If you are wearing chain watches then try to less accessorize your hands. The simpler the better.

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2Belt Watches

Belt Watches

Just like the above picture the straps are made of leather or faux leather in different kinds of colours and also sometimes different kinds of designs. They can be worn with any kind of clothes and accessories you want. You can wear simple belt designs to office, and trendy designs while going out with friends. You can also wear other accessories like bracelets or fancy bangles with it. It can provide you a trendy look while keeping you classy.

3Bracelet Watches

Bracelet Watches

As shown in the pictures, these watches are attached to long surrounding belts or sometimes even a chain. These belts or chains can have designs engraved in them or attached to them. They look like bracelets, and you might not need any more accessories to wear with them. They can mostly go with your casual look like with jeans or skirts, and can also give you a mesmerizing appearance.

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4Diamond Engraved Watches

Diamond Engraved Watches

In these types of watches the diamonds or even faux diamonds are engraved either surrounding of the dial or inside the dial. They can give you the classy yet trendy appearance. You can try them with your office look as well as with your casual trendy look with friends. You can find these watches in the form of belts as well as chains.

5Skeleton Watches

Skeleton Watches

Basically skeleton watches means you can see the watch working or the mechanism of the watch. It can give you a trendy appearance. They can look good with anything you want to wear and they are in high demand. You can embrace these watches with elegance and beauty.

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