Wedges Shoes For Everyday Wear

Wedges Shoes For Everyday

Every women like shoes. Shoes are the most passionate thing for a woman. We can hate everything but not shoes. We have different kinds of shoes to wear different kinds places. Some of us love to wear heels, some platforms, wears some snicker. We are divided by types and united by shoes. When we are looking for option in heels, the one category that comes to mind and have a lot of options are Wedges. Wedges can vary in style and comes in a variety of heights too. Wedges are more comfortable than traditional heels and stiletto’s and a stylish alternative. The weight is dispersed evenly on your both feet because of its nature which means you can find high heels with less pain. Here are few Wedges shoes for everyday wear, you can try.

Tops Wedges To Try

1Casual wedges

Casual wedges

Sometimes casual wear shoes are the best option for us and we like to show off the casual look that highlights our legs too. Espadrilles are one of the casual shoes in wedges you can try. It basically have rope sole and made of cloth on top. Try to hold your feeling of wearing them until the summer or springs. You can try it with printed dress or bright colour dress or top to give a summery look.

2Unexpected peep-toe wedges

Unexpected peep-toe wedges

Peep-toe wedges can be alternative to your sandals if you don’t feel like showing too much foot. These come in lots of materials, so you can try patent leather or leather styles for dress up occasions. If you are uncomfortable in peep-toe, then you can try to cut-out or sandal wedges. Sky-high wedges can be great if you are looking for, making a statement. Since, you can easily rock this style of wedges because wedges are easier to walk in.

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3Fashion forward wedges

Fashion forward wedges

When Oxfords were introduced in the market, they were used as a menswear shoes. Slowly it made it into women’s wear. In women’s wear they stated out as flats, but with the recreational blessings of different designers they are now a type of wedges too. These super fashionable wedge shoes can look great with casual jeans and designer tops. Oxford wedges can come with laces or without it in various of colours and styles. These shoes make walking a lot easier because its entire sole is elevated in the same height.

4Winter wear wedges

Winter wear wedges

If you have a high heel boots which is highly uncomfortable to try to substitute it with winter wear wedges. They look dressy as your boots and are much more comfortable. Winter wear wedges comes in a variety of styles, like other boots. You can try on ankle wear boot, peep-toe, taller boot, or anything else from the market to select from.

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5Wedge heels

Wedge heels

Wedge heels are just like flush high heels. There is minimal or no separation from heel to the sole. You can try wedge heels in a mid length skirt for office wear or floral long skirt for casual wear. It will give you a awesome classy look.

6Wedge Sandals

Wedge Sandals

They have the same type of wedge heel, but it has more sandal type look in the upper part. It can look great if worn casually in summers with skirts or capri jeans. it can be a go getter look of the 70s.

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7Classic round toe wedges

Classic round toe wedges

Round toe wedges are the classic office wear look. It is available in various colours in the market. It have padded insole and basically have no or plain design or available in single colour.

8Lace up wedges

Lace up wedges

These lace up wedges are something which you might don’t want to miss. It is a new trend setter, which sometimes comes with lots of cut out details and braided wedges. It can look best with jeans and capri jeans which might give you a lot of stylish and trendy look when out with friends or boyfriend.

9Single Strap Women’s Wedge Sandal

Single Strap Women's Wedge Sandal

This sophisticated and sleek, single strapped wedge sandal has streamlined wedge heel and peep-toe. It has an ankle strap for comfort and security. It can look good on short pants and pleated skirts. There are varieties of patterns and designs available for different kinds of occasions.

10Strappy leather wedges

Strappy leather wedges

Straps are always sexy and they never get old. This feminine strappy leather wedges have false leather design or construction all over the upper part with wood stocked wedges and leather closure in the shoe. This shoe can be a style statement, and can be preferred with skinny jeans or tight skirt for movie date out with friends or boyfriend or husband.

Hope you enjoy your evening or rock your office wear with your stylish and comfortable wedges.

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