Hair Brushing Tips- Not Many But Much Important For Healthy Hair


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How do you take your hair care on a routine basis?

These are the common things you do to your hair-

Washing your hair when you feel oily or dusty. You also oil your hair regularly and you condition weekly once or twice. Home remedies for silky and flawless hair can be called as extra love for hair.

But you are missing something else! You are skipping something crucial but simple.

Are you brushing your hair in the right way? This will be answered in this article.

Why Do you brush your hair?

Generally, you brush your hair to set it right, before stepping out. The other reason could be, to detangle the hair. Keep these known reasons aside but there is science behind brushing your hair.

No women leave the house without combing their hair. But you also have to follow some tips to brush your hair. In fact, brushing your hair is an essential part for hair in a day.

After reading all of this, you are surprised at the significance of a comb?

Combing Vs Brushing

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Yes! Combing and brushing are not the same. These words are different with meanings and the ways to do. In fact, it is in steps to follow combing and brushing which have their own importance for hair. The process of untangling your hair is combing. Combing can also distribute the oils on hair evenly.

Brushing can cleanse your scalp and stimulate your blood vessels which is useful for hair growth. You will also have less breakage if you are brushing your hair regularly.

In simple words, combing often is not harmful for your hair but brushing often is. You need a brief explanation on this- here it is, combing is an external effect or just to set your hair right in place. But brushing is an internal effect which is a must but can cause harm by doing it often. Combing your hair whenever you want to set your hair is all fine but stop over brushing your hair.

How Often Should I Brush my Hair?

You are suggested to brush your hair once a day. Brushing your hair more than once in a day is too hard your scalp and hair. The bristles put the pressure on your hair cuticles and can stop hair growth or growing long. Over brushing can also cause hair breakage.

Hair Brushing is a need for your hair not overly needed!

Benefits of Brushing You hair:

You must know the benefits of brushing to know how it is related to science. You have come across the known benefits, you can also know the reason behind them.

1. You are Cleansing While Brushing:

Your hair catches dust and dirt on a daily basis. To remove the dirt, you shampoo on a regular basis. But brushing your hair is kind of dry shampooing. You are eliminating the settled waste while brushing.

2. Hair Grows Well with Brushing:

Brushing stimulates the blood vessels which are termed as capillaries and promotes blood circulation. When there is proper blood circulation, you will have proper hair growth undoubtedly.

3. Prevents Hair Loss:

The scalp produces natural oils and sebum. The produced natural hair and sebum should be distributed evenly. Then, this prevents hair loss which may get out of control with excess oil and stagnant sebum. The other cause for hair loss can be sebaceous gland imbalance and brushing can also help in balancing sebaceous glands.

4. Brushing Helps In Removing Dandruff:

By brushing you are naturally removing dandruff which is stuck on your scalp and hair. You can maintain your hair dandruff by brushing your hair as much as necessary.

How Much hair Fall is Normal while Brushing Your hair?

The studies proved that losing 50-100 hairs a day is normal. You cannot the hair but you can easily estimate the number of hair that are there in a fallen bunch. Hair loss may also differ with hair length but it is not a huge difference. A common question arises in your mind.

Tips for Hair Brushing

Hair brushing is a segment of routine hair care. We better call it a process. So, there are some tips to know to gain all the benefits of hair brushing.

1. Do not brush your wet hair:

You water soaked hair is weaker and more breakable. If you are trying to handle your wet hair, it causes breakage. So, you can completely stay away from hairbrush until it dries up. Dry hair is stronger than wet hair. So, are you convinced not to brush your hair when it wet?

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2. Comb before brushing:

Combing your hair is the first step and then brushing follows. Do not rearrange the sequence by brushing first and then combing. You can work to remove tangles from your hair by combing then brush it once it gets dried.

We recommend you to comb your hair with a wooden comb with the wide tooth. It helps you untangle your hair easily and there will be no static with a wooden comb.

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3. Use the right tool:

You must be wise at choosing the right tool for brushing. All types of brushes are not effective for all types of hair textures. Paddle hair brush is perfect to use for all kinds of hair types.

A round brush is not suitable for curly hair. So, curly hair women can use paddle hair brush only.

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If you feel that brushing is important than you imagined, follow the tips. Change the way you used the brush and give your hair the right treatment. It is simple not to expect good results when you not following the right way.

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