Tips on how well you can celebrate April fool’s day

April fools day

Lot of people may even get confused between dates of Republic day and Independence Day, but no one would ever forget what day it is today. April 1st is always celebrated as one of the most important days for you to have fun with your friends or family. A lot of pranks and group games can be pulled on your family and co-workers. You can make this day very special for the people around you.

However, having said that, there are some things that you might have to consider while pulling a prank on April fools Day. A prank needs to be funny, small and shouldn’t hurt others. When you pull a prank about loved ones or matters concerning their health or their well-being, people may really get scared. So, you should make sure that you stay clear of such things and consider their feelings in the run.

I’m going to give you a few tips that you can consider on how to spend your funhappy with your family and friends.

Best Pranks on 1st April – Fools Day

1Be considerate

Be considerate

It is very important to know that when you play a prank, you have to be considerate of the other person’s feelings. When I say that you have to be considerate, what I mean is that, a lot of times people may not expect certain things. While everybody knows that April 1st is mostly for fooling, they may not expect you to throw a bomb at them.

When you’re trying to pull a prank on one of your best friend he/she would probably know everything about you. They will also know what kind of person you are, but if you play with their serious feelings, it might turn dangerous. No matter how close or not, your friend is, pulling a crazy prank that makes him tensed, is cruel and rude. So, remember that no matter how big the prank is, plan it in such a way that it turns out to be fun and enjoyable by all.

2Be creative

Be creative

A lot of people don’t think creatively, but a creative prank makes a lot of difference. Though you need to plan it in prior, it makes your planning days fun and exciting. The process of creating a prank can be the most fun for you and seeing it succeed in the most successfully is also rewarding. So try to always make your pranks, funny and creative. For instance, you can just do things like squeezing colors in between the windshield wipers. Ask you friend to use them when he is driving. When your friend turns the button on, the wipers will display a rainbow color.

If you’re working in the same office, you can probably invest your time and money by attaching an air horn to your friend’s seat. So whenever he/she sits there be a loud noise and that might freak the hell out of him.

Another creative idea is when you can use a lot of lubricant to create a prank. What you can do is, you can replace the hand wash or hand sanitizer with lubricant oil. If your friend uses the hand sanitizer frequently, she or he will end up using the oily lubricant which is gross and difficult to remove from hands. Or simply just feed your friends caramel onion pops. This is a little crazy and needs a lot of planning, but if done right this is one of the best pranks that you might have pulled. Peel the skin of onion and dip it into chocolate caramel syrup. You could also insert sticks,so when you give it to your friend or family member, they will think that it is a sweet. But when they bite it, they will realize the horrible taste and this can be super duper funny.

3Plan ahead

Plan ahead

you plan ahead of time, you will know that you can pull off a particular prank in ease. Take help of people around you and make it an organized one. Why you have to plan you might think. But let me tell you that if you want to pull a proper prank, you might as well be great at it than just doing a half baked work. So take help from mutual friends or family members and target one person or two people at the max. When your target is smaller and compact, there are more chances that your plan would be funny and successful.

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4Don’t go easy

Don't go easy

You never go easy with a prank. This may be confusing since I told you that you should not hurt people and be considerate about their feelings. But, if you want to be successful, you might as well make it funny and creative, right? There is no room for feeling pity or guilty about your prank. Even if it’s the smallest prank, don’t go easy on the target. Don’t pull silly pranks like filling pen with water, bursting a balloon in the ear or pulling a person’s chair and all. Stuff like this are stupid and silly. You are an adult, so think like that. Never go easy on the kind of friend that you have. As long as you don’t hurt them physically too much or emotionally, you are fine and rocking.

-Pavithra Ravi

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