Reasons why diet is more important than exercise for weight loss


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Weight Loss Tips

For many year weight loss has always been the key problem amongst women. While a lot of people undergo exercise and physical exertion, women forget that diet forms a major part when it comes to losing weight. We keep cutting down on items that are rich in protein and vitamins, that we forget what should and should not be taken. Sadly India is a country that is bound by food. Food becomes the talk of the table anywhere. Indians are bound by food and are committed to its relationship. We don’t think twice before cooking or eating. The main problem with Indian woman is that it is very hard for us to quit carbohydrates anything that involves carbohydrates which will add fat to your body. Well, if you are not always convinced with the diet and all the exercises that you have been doing for a long time then there’s something definitely wrong with your regime. One must know the facts how diet is better for weight loss.

Ladies, you should understand that just because you skip your breakfast, lunch or dinner, you are not going to lose weight. It infact, puts on weight because of the gas that forms in your stomach. So, firstly you should stop skipping any of the meals. I’m not going to tell you that you have to eat 6 meals or 8 small meals a day because quantity does not have anything to do with your diet. When you pick the right kind of food and the right kind of vitamins, minerals and proteins, quantities are never the problem.

So ladies here you go! You can eat as much as you want, you can have tasty and grand meals, but all you have to do is a little bit off chop chop when it comes to fatty foods. So, we are going to tell you some important reasons as to why diet is more important than exercise.A well-balanced diet always can easily bring out the best in you, so follow the article to know more tips how diet is better for weight loss.

Top weight loss diet reasons

1Only exercise doesn’t help

Only exercise doesn't help

Researchers have proved that only exercise is not going to drive away the weight. It is true that when people do extreme exercises, it feels like they are losing weight faster. But, unfortunately with the exercise and the tiredness, comes the hungry pangs. You don’t realize that you are eating more calories than what you burn during exercise. So, it could be extremely difficult for you to lose weight only by means of exercise. This is why diet comes as an important part of the whole equation.

When you are snacking or when you go for junk food, you are subconsciously not controlling you’re eating habits. Are you wondering how? By exercising more and more, you think that your losing weight. To compensate that you end up eating more. All you’re doing is just balancing out the calories. The problem here is that the calories that are gained are not easy to burn. So, extra calories stay back as fat making you fatter and fatter only.

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So, the best thing about keeping your diet in control is to have a list of things that you can eat and you cannot eat. Make a food diary that lists out all the calories and the amount of sugar and saturated fat that you have consumed. This way you will have a clearer picture of what you have been eating and what you should cut down on.

2Exercise adds appetite

Exercise adds appetite

I have already covered the topic on how subconsciously, you can binge eating without knowing that you’re putting on weight. Researchers have also proven that just exercise, in fact adds a lot of appetite. This is because, your body is configured in such a way that the moment you start feeling tired because of the exercise, you subconsciously make a decision that you have burnt enough calories for the day.

That is when your mind lets you eat or start building on certain things without giving you any alarm. It is a vicious cycle that has no end, unless you bring diet in between. When you exercise vigorously you should also diet vigorously. When you consciously take efforts to change your dietary habits, your weight starts to balance and you will automatically lose weight.

3Food as the fuel

Food as the fuel

A lot of people misunderstand and assume that exercise is driving food. Well, for all those people out there who are assuming this, bad news is awaiting your way. Food acts as the main fuel that drives the entire force of your body. When you give your body the right kind of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and proteins, your body becomes active. If you don’t give your body the right amount of elements, your body gets tired easily. When you get tired you tend to eat more. So never underestimate food for being there lower source.

Eat a lot of bananas that will keep you active and which will also dump your stomach. You can also have white meat which is a great source of protein consumption. Have the right food and you will immediately start having the energy to work out too.

4Diet vs exercise

Diet vs exercise

Do you know that a woman can reduce up to 75% of fat just by following strict diet regime? Yes, it is true that with diet 75% of your fat can go down but with workout hardly a percentage of 25 is what you get. For all the hard work that you do exercising, it doesn’t give you back the fruits of success. There are two types of diets. One is the short term diet and the other one is the long term diet.

If you opt for short term diet, best way to reduce is like I already mentioned. Strict proper scheduled diet with nil exercise can actually bring down about 4-5 kg per month.

Long term diet is the longer process of diet and physical activity. If you are going to attend a marriage function or if you’re going to meet your boyfriend in a few weeks, try to adopt the short-term basis method and look your best!

-Pavithra Ravi

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