Different Holi colors you can make at home


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Holi colors

As we all know Holi is a celebration of happiness, loveliness and colorful enjoyment. While we do the preparations for this year’s Holi that falls on the 23rd, we should know that we can do Holi colors at home itself. Yes, Holi colors are nowadays mixed with a lot of chemicals and unnatural extra elements that add to the color palate only, but leave out the natural color in it. You have to choose herbal colors as an alternative to the chemical filled colors that are corroding into your pores of your skin and damaging your skin with high infection. Actually, speaking herbal colors are available in the market, but not many prefer to buy herbal colors since they don’t give the expected tinge. But wouldn’t you be excited to make these colors at home?

If you want to make holi colours at home, all you have to do is to pick your colors, select your ingredients and start working on it. In fact, this is the only festival that doesn’t need branded clothes, accessories and posh jewels. This festival needs you to be in old clothes or clothes that you might never wear. No jewellery, no make up because all you are going to do is play with the colors. And these colors will be your makeup! Are you geared up for Holi already? Then, let us tell you how to make Holi colours at home itself. It is easy, efficient and definitely one of the best ways to spend your Holi eve!

Top Holi Colors You Can Make

1Green color

Green color

Do you love the color green? It’s the color for acceptance; it is a playful color and the color that is around us through leaves, gardens and through the flowers.

Green is a beautiful color and is present in abundance at home itself. Do you have henna leaves, coriander, and spinach at home? No, don’t worry, we are not going to cook, but we are going to ask you to grind all this, dry it in the hot sun and take out just the color out of it. Since spinach is one of the green vegetables, it helps a lot in attaining the appropriate color. You can use henna for smell and also for its darkish color.

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2Red color

Red color

Red is a primary color and is a color of life, love and blossom. Red is always a widely loved color for its bright tinge and its beauty. If you see a person wearing full red, wouldn’t you take a second look? You sure would because eyes are attracted to bright, dark and intense colors.

To obtain red color, all you have to do is to mix kumkum + saffron + beet-root and even dried red rose petals.

When you dry all of this under the hot sun, it will be very easy for you to grind it and make it into powder. You can also add a hibiscus flower to get darker maroon color. If you want to bring in colors like lighter red or orange, you can mix two colors together or you can mix it with wheat or rice flour. Rice flour is definitely acceptable on skin, so you needn’t worry about skin damage.

3Blue color

Blue color

Blue is a color for chivalrous, for playfulness for being cool and for youthfulness. These synonyms of blue perfectly tell you why and how this color would be loved by young adults and children.

Making this color isn’t all that difficult if you find the right kind of flowers. Jacaranda or otherwise called Neeli gulmohar is one of the most amazing ways in which you can obtain this color easily.

You can also try the same with the blue hibiscus flower which is actually rare in northern parts of India. But if you are lucky, during this month blue hibiscus is grown in parts of Kerala. You can get it from Kerala and make the color out of it.

4Yellow color

Yellow color

Yellow is a color of happiness, bright, sun-shiny and joy. The color yellow will light up any room with its tinge and beauty. Also, in some parts of India, yellow is considered to be a very auspicious color for functions. You can get this color if you mix turmeric and besan flour. The mixture of turmeric and besan is a very good combination for skin. A lot of people in the olden days used to mix it and use it as soap or conditioner. It is one of the best anti-pimple medicinal items. You can also take the color from flowers like marigold flower, yellow chrysanthemums and turmeric. You can crush all this and make a mixture out of it also.

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5Pink color

Pink color

Pink is the color of love, romance and to show affection. Pink is a girl’s color and it gives out beauty. If you want to achieve this color, it is actually pretty simple. All you have to do is to slice beet-root and put it into water overnight. Since beetroot gives out color, it is easy for you to obtain the color pink. Other ways of it is also by adding red color + white gram flour. This way dark pink is formed easily.

6Brown color

Brown color

Not many people use the color brown since it is difficult to get in the market. But, if you have coffee leaves + tea leaves, brown is the most the easiest color to obtain. You just have to dry the coffee leaves and tea leaves and grind it into smooth paste. Add gram flour to it and it becomes brown in color.

These colors are safe, you are making it directly at home and is not harmful for your skin at all. All you need to do is to just check out what all you have at home and avoid buying Holi colors from shops.

Safe Holi!

-Pavithra Ravi

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