5 Natural Remedies for Dark Circles


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natural remedies for dark circles

Dark circles are often caused by lack of sleep, or shifting sleeping cycles. If ignored for too long, then it may develop into something grotesque and stubborn.

Sleep remains to be, to this day, the ultimate remedy that you may come across for dark circles. You may, however refer to these natural remedies to get rid of those ugly rings around your eyes. Check out these five natural remedies for dark circles underneath.

Home Remedies for Dark Circles

1Almond Oil

Almond Oil

Almond oil is a completely natural ingredient that heals the skin around your eyes, and lightens the dark circles.

A few drops of almond oil, when gently massaged around the eyes, relaxes the facial muscles, and also acts on the pigmentation. Care must be taken in case of oily skin, as inflammations may occur.



Round cucumber slices are the absolute symbol of chilling out for your eyes. It works on the pigmentation of the skin, as well as tones the area around the eyes giving you an overall fresh look.

The sheer soothing effect that comes along with the cool sensation, is worth a try for everyone. Just wash your face, and pop on two thinly cut slices of cucumber, even as you drift into wonderland. Resist from eating them.

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3Raw Potatoes

Raw Potatoes

Raw potatoes contain vital bleaching agents, and when applied to the area surrounding the eye, it may bring about lightening in skin pigmentation.

The juice of raw potatoes could be extracted by grating a whole potato. A wad of cotton, soaked in the juice could be applied over the eyes for the promised benefits. Repeat the process more often to experience the results in haste.

4Rose Water

Rose Water

Rinsing the eyes with rose water, is an age old treatment for sore and fatigued eyes. It is known to rejuvenate the skin by relaxing the tensed facial muscles and also acts on the pigmentation.

Rose water may be applied by soaking a wad of cotton in it, and applying over the eyes.



Tomato, the fruit, the vegetable, call it what you may, contains a natural power bleaching agents that are sure to lighten the dark areas around your eyes.

Tomato juice may be used along with lemon juice, in equal proportions and applied around the eyes.

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