8 Magnificent Mehndi Designs for Rakhi- Feel Delightful


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The only time you get to adorn yourself as much as you want is festivals and weddings. So, you cannot skip the chance of decorating your hands. This coming rakhi, are you done with your clothes and accessories shopping? And pending with small fashion elements like mehndi, hairstyle and footwear. These small fashion elements make you look prettier and more you.

The Rakhi festival is a symbol of brother and sister valuable bond. On one side, girls get sweet gifts from their brothers and on the other side, there get a chance to doll up themselves. So, for girls, it is an enthusiastic time. Every girl who is waiting to style herself also needs the mehndi designs for Rakhi. Mehndi makes you feel fulfilled, especially during festivals time.

You must get some stylish and traditional designs on your hands for this Rakhi. Your beautiful hands must ready to take the attractive and latest designs. Here are some, special mehndi designs for Rakhi.

Decorate Your Hands With Mehndi For This Rakhi

1. A Bracelet wrap

A Bracelet wrap
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You can make a bracelet design and wrap your wrist beautifully. It is one of the most stylish designs that you can wear for this rakhi. You must wear it on your backhand and it looks elegant. You can also enhance the beauty of this design by extending it with a design on your finger. You have various designs to make a mehndi bracelet. You have some pictures attached above. You can imitate the designs. Also, add your designs.

Your brother gets a rakhi from you and you are getting a fashionable bracelet with mehndi.

2. Rahki Theme

Rahki Theme
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Rakhi theme mehndi design is adorable. I would say this is an expressive mehndi design for Rakhi festival. You are expressing your bond with your loving brother. You must some find to show your value this precious festival and this is one of the little ways to show it.

Brother and sister always shower their love for each other. Wear this mehndi design with rakhi theme is a lovely sister on this special day.

3. Rakhi style

Rakhi style
src: youtube.com

This is another idea to makes your mehndi fit into the festive theme. It is a special design for rakhi. The designs you do with the rakhi style makes the mehndi look breathtaking. You can finish the mehndi with intricate designs. Do the mehndi with simple detailing with designs like dots, petals and leaves. The best way to adorn your hands.

4. Multiple tiny rakhis

Multiple tiny rakhis
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As rakhis are embellished and colourful, depict the same design in your mehndi. Cover your hands with tiny mehndi rakhi and this is going to be a stylish design. You can cover the mehndi rakhi unevenly on your hands, as shown in the above image. Let your fingers also get the rakhi designs.

5. Chain mehndi design

Chain mehndi design
src: dragonsmist.antir.sca.org

Make a mehndi designs with chains to make you hands alluring. Chains give a pretty look to your mehndi designs. The delicate chain designs make the mehndi look magnificent. Chains with mehndi can make even simple mehndi design look decorated.

You will love your hands with chain mehndi designs. And you will be ready to get the compliments for your prettiest mehndi done hands. It is also an easy design as shown in the above-attached image.

6. A beautiful sphere

A beautiful sphere
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This design looks breathtaking for both backhands and palms. Sometimes, you will not how to cover your hands with mehndi designs. But you cannot give your hands the outdated and too plain designs. So, sphere design makes it easy for you. And you can look at the above images, how beautiful your hands are going to look with sphere mehndi design.

You can make a beautiful sphere with embellished designs. Add some creativity to your simple designs. You can make floral round that adorns your hand and make it an apt design for rakhi festival.

7. Finger mehndi design

src: magazinevogue.com
src: blogspot.com

For the festival, you want simple designs. The simple finger mehndi designs take less time and they look more stylish. You can many variations in finger mehndi designs. The easy designs like tiny flowers, leaves and dots can fill your fingers. Adorn your finger with mehndi rings. Your fingers go elegant with the mehndi rings around.

Your simple elegant outfit with lovely accessories and stylish mehndi designs, then you will be all set to celebrate this rakhi with full enthusiasm.

8. Simple floral mehndi design

Simple floral mehndi design
src: newmehndidesign.co.uk

You can do the mehndi for this rakhi with simple floral designs. The floral designs are of many. Put the mehndi design in a unique direction to make it look lovely. Mehndi is incomplete with floral designs and you know it. But how about your hand getting wrapped with floral designs. A great idea for women who want minimal mehndi design on rakhi day. It looks simply beautiful and pretty.

Make the mehndi designs look befitting for the occasion. Rakhi is a special day that every sister must look complete and pretty. As you would wait for a chance to doll up, you must make it special all the way. Let your appearance be fashionable and more traditional. These mehndi designs for Rakhi add both tradition and style.

Happy Raksha Bandhan to all the brothers and sisters out there!

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