8 Top Reasons Why Babies Cry

Top Reasons Why Babies Cry

Being pregnant and becoming a parent is one of the most beautiful experience of a woman’s life. By being a mother, a women becomes complete, with a new person in her life. Just like, when we meet a new person, it takes us a lot of time to know them; so, when a baby is born,we are totally unaware of what the baby is trying to communicate. Then we end up treating or caring for them differently. As the baby is fully dependent on you, to provide with food, warmth, comfort you tend to become more tensed. So,here are 8 top reasons why babies cry.

Common Reasons Behind Babies Crying



This part is probably the first thing that comes in your mind, when you hear your baby cry. When you start learning to recognize the signs of hunger, then you will start feeding your baby before the crying stage. Some of the common hunger signs, to watch for the babies or newborns can include lip smacking, fussing, rooting (it is a newborn reflex, which make babies to turn their head toward your hand when you stroke their cheek), and putting their hands into the mouth.

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2Needs to burp

Needs to burp

Burping in babies is not mandatory, but if the baby is still crying even after eating, then a good burp is all the baby needs. Most of the time, babies swallow air when they are being breastfeed or suck from the bottle. This can cause discomfort in them, if the air isn’t released. Some babies get intensely bothered by having air in their tummy, whereas other babies don’t seem to burp or don’t need to be burped at all.

3Stomach problems from gas and colic

Stomach problems from gas and colic

Troubles in the tummy which are associated with colic or gas can also lead to to a lot of crying. This mysterious condition is known as colic is mostly described as inconsolable crying for a minimum of three hours a day, leading to three days a week, and three weeks in a row.

If you see that your baby fusses or cries immediately after being fed, then it can be because some sort of pain in the tummy. Try to consult a doctor immediately.

Even when, you see that your baby is not colicky, but being fussy after eating, then sometimes an occasional gas pain can make them miserable until it pass. So, on you are suspecting gas, then put the baby on their back, grasp the feet, and move the legs very gently in a bicycling motion. This can help.

4Nappy change

Nappy change

Babies can cry when they have a wet or even soiled diapers. Sometimes, some babies don’t cry until they feel the irritation. Try to use a barrier cream while changes nappy, and also, if possible, try to give your baby a nappy-free time. You can even try distracting your baby with a toy or a song, while you change the nappy can work well.

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5Needs sleep

Needs sleep

It may seem that, when babies are tired they will simply get to sleep, anywhere, anytime. But you must realize that it can be hard, for them too. Instead of nodding off, they can make fuss,as well as cry, especially they do this when they are overtired.


6Need a cuddle

Need a cuddle

Babies need a lot and lots of cuddling. Most of the time, they like to see their parents’ faces, even hear their voices, also like to listen to the heartbeats, and also can even detect the unique smell. Crying, can be their way of asking to hold them close.

You may think that, you may spoil your baby by holding them close so much. But, during the first few months, it is not possible. So, you can give your arm a rest or relief, by wearing your baby in a sling or carrier.

7Too cold or too hot

Too cold or too hot

When you remove your babies cloth to change her diaper, or clean the bottom, they can feel cold and protest it by crying. Newborn babies like to be bundled up and must be kept warm. As the rule says, they are more comfortable on wearing one or more layer that they may need to be comfortable. Babies are less likely to complain, when they are warm, rather than being too cold, and they even won’t cry about it vigorously.

8Not feeling well

Not feeling well

If you have done all the basic needs that your baby needs,as well as comforted them. Still, if they are crying, then they may be coming down with something. You may need to check the temperature for fever, and also be aware of any other signs of illness.

Most of the cry of a sick baby, is pretty different from the one that is caused from hunger, or even frustration. If you found that your babies crying is not right, then see a doctor immediately.

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