The Ultimate Post Waxing Skin Care Routine


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Waxing Skin Care

We all love it when we have silky smooth arms and legs and don’t have to worry about the unwanted hair. But every month at least once, we have to make that dreaded waxing trip to the salon that leaves your soft skin stressed and sometimes have really bad and painful side effects.

Does that mean we should stop craving for those silky soft arms? Absolutely not, we have for you some great ways to take care of your skin post the waxing treatment to keep your skin free from all the redness, Breakouts and itchiness. Follow some simple yet effective ways that tell you exactly how to take care of skin after waxing?

Steps For Post Waxing Skin Care-

1. Clean your Skin-

Clean your Skin
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First and foremost after getting your skin waxed is cleaning away all the leftover wax or any tiny bits, which may have gotten left behind. Use a cold water shower to clean off yourself and rub it off with your hand or a super soft Loofah. Do not apply soap right after waxing. Also a lot of times, Salon assistant uses a wet towel to rub off the wax. This may irritate the sensitive skin and cause it to undergo even more stress when the skin is already in a vulnerable state. Avoid using a rough wet towel; instead, use Tissues or disposable towels.

2. Dry It Out-

After washing your skin off the sticky wax, Let it air dry. You may also use a cotton towel to pat your skin dry. Do not rub your skin after it has been waxed. It can cause the wet skin to bruise and develop rashes. Optionally you may use a dry tissue or a wet tissue to wipe off any wax or generally clean the skin, Post wax.

3. Apply Antiseptic Powder-

Apply Antiseptic Powder
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Depending on your previous experiences, You might have an idea about the way your skin behaves under stress from waxing. A lot of people develop body acne, Some develop rashes and red spots while a lot of others will not face any problem at all. So in case, your skin is prone to breaking out and developing rashes over your skin, Don’t forget to apply a dash of Neosporin Powder over the waxed area on the first day of waxing, Also sleep in loose clothes at night. This will keep your skin free from any acne causing bacteria and prevent it from getting worse from environmental factors.

This is an ideal way to prevent septic ingrown hairs after waxing the bikini line or underarms. The skin of this area can handle very little stress due to less exposure to the sun. It tends to be soft and hence waxing these areas can inflict more stress than it can handle. The soreness post waxing routine can also be reduced by this antiseptic powder. Although this is safe to use powder for a maximum amount of people, Check yourself for any allergic reactions to it first.

4. Moisturise-

The hot wax process is sometimes harsh on your skin, it usually strips off your natural moisture of the skin and the best way to make your skin soft after this treatment is to moisturise your skin well. Although, it is best if you can skip using a heavy body lotion for women with oily skin, instead opt for a gel based lotion or Aloe Vera gel. It can soothe your skin and prevent it from getting dry and flaky. Use moisturiser on the second day of waxing. Leave your skin naturally free for a day to heal. Moisturising your skin post waxing will prevent it from drying up and causing ingrown hair. It is a great way to keep your skin hydrated and feeling soft and supple.

5. Exfoliate-

ExfoliateOne of the most underrated steps of post waxing skin care is exfoliation. It can literally do wonders and keep your arms and body free from any kinds of zits, ingrown hair, or acne. It is the best way to ensure getting your soft supple skin prepared for a next waxing routine. It is a known fact that no matter the precautions you take, you will always have one or two ingrown hair on your legs especially.

For some ladies, it is in hundreds of numbers. So, to avoid having an unfinished looking skin, the best way to keep any bumps and spots away from your skin is scrubbing it regularly. Use a grainy scrub for your legs but for arms, any other parts use a milder and softer scrub.

Although it is best advised to keep the scrub away for a week after a fresh waxing session is done. Use it after a week for at least one time every 4 days. It will unclog your pores, remove dead cells and remove the ingrown hair easily. Even if you end up forgetting to exfoliate throughout the month, Make sure to exfoliate at least 2 to 3 times in a week before going for another waxing session.

Simple Tips To Remember For Post Waxing Skin Care-

  • For ladies who break out instantly after waxing their arms, the best remedy for reducing those pink spots is apply ice over it. Use a cold water ag, a cold compress or just some ice wrapped in a towel. Ice will reduce the inflammation instantly and prevent it from permanently staying on your arms. Over time it will close the pores and make your skin healthier.
  • Avoid staying in the sun for too long after waxing your body. Sun damage will be more on the waxed skin due to an absence of hair. The skin is also very delicate then and it can get easily damaged.
  • Avoid using a cream based moisturiser instantly as it can clog the open pores, you should best apply Aloe Vera gel over freshly waxed skin to soothe and relax the skin.
  • If you have freshly waxed your bikini line, take a cold shower and apply Neosporin around it. This will prevent it from swelling and developing bumps and boils.
  • If you have low resistance to the pulling and stripping, take a painkiller half an hour before your salon visit. This will prevent waxing to hurt more and also ease out your entire experience.
  • Chlorine exposure to freshly waxed skin can cause skin darkening and severe dehydration of skin moisture. To avoid your skin from getting hyper dry and mal nourished avoid jumping into swimming pools post wax for at least a week. After that, you may apply a thick layer of sunscreen before entering the pool. Also, keep in mind do not overexpose your body to continuous hours of sun and chlorine from the pool water.

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